BTD6 Lych Elite: How To Beat This Boss

Paarth Wadke
4 Min Read

The Elite Lych called the Gravelord in Bloons Tower Defense 6, or simply BTD6, is a tough boss to beat. It can regenerate itself by handicapping the towers and can summon Lych Souls. Many players are not able to finish the Boos Bloon event because of this pesky enemy. However, with the right towers, you can beat it easily and this guide will tell you how.

How to Beat Elite Lych Gravelord in BTD6

Elite Lych attack in Bloons TD 6
Image Source: BTD6 Fenix on YouTube

The Elite Lych has many unique abilities that make it a tough boss to beat. It has a massive health bar and more Skull health sections compared to the regular Lych. Once it reaches Skull health, it becomes invulnerable and will revive MOAB-level Bloons and resurrected Blimps. It will remain invulnerable until the resurrections are destroyed. Moreover, it can also sap tower buffs and stun them in the process.

To beat Elite Lych in BTD6, you must:

  • Farm Money
  • Use Paragon Towers and True Sun God
  • Upgrade Wizard Monkey to Prince of Darkness

Farm Money

To beat the Elite Lych in BTD6, you will need loads of money. At the start of the match, make sure you build many Banana farms and other money-earning structures to get maximize your income. When the final boss is about to appear, sell all the farms and use that money to get strong reinforcements.

Use Dartling Gunnner and True Sun God

As we mentioned before, the Elite Lych can sap tower buffs to heal itself and stun the towers. This can prove to be a huge handicap in your defense system. To avoid that, use towers that cannot be absorbed. The Dartling Gunner is a strong weapon against the Lych. It will inflict heavy damage on it so make sure you place it on the field.

The next thing is the True Sun God, the final path upgrade to the Super Monkey. This upgrade is very expensive, however, the Lych cannot absorb it. Moreover, it has heavy attacks that can deplete Lych’s health quickly.

Upgrade Wizard Monkey to Prince of Darkness

The Wizard Monkey is a weak tower, however, its necromancer upgrade will be very useful in this fight. The Prince of Darkness is the final upgrade for the Wizard Monkey. The best part of this upgrade is that the Lych cannot absorb it as well. So you can use it without worrying about the health sap. Make sure you build loads of Monkey Villages to get permanent buffs to these towers.

Keep in mind that the Elite Lych’s strongest trait is its ability to sap health. If you build towers that cannot be absorbed, you will defeat this boss with ease. The above-mentioned towers worked for us but you can try various combinations to beat it.

That’s all from us on how to beat Elite Lych in BTD6. While you’re here, check out how to beat another strong boss called Dreadbloon.

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