How To Beat Broodguard Spider In Diablo 4 (Boss Fight)

The broodguard spider in Diablo 4 is a strong dungeon boss and many players are looking for ways to beat it. Facing horrifying creatures is a normal thing for Diablo veterans. However, there are some enemies that are simply tough to conquer. The broodguard is one of them. Moreover, players are bound to run into this horror in the initial stages of the game. Meaning, without a proper build. If you haven’t run into this enemy and are looking for a good challenge, then we have you covered. In this guide, you will learn about the broodguard spider’s location, its attacks, and how to beat it.

Broodguard Spider Location in D4

Broodguard Spider location
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The Broodguard Spider is located in the Lair of the Defiler at the end of the Defiled Catacomb Dungeon. You can find this dungeon in the southwest region of the Fractured Peaks. The best way to reach this place is through the Nevesk Waypoint in the Desolate Highlands.

All Broodguard Attacks in Diablo IV

Broodguard Spider Poison Pool attack
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To beat the Broodguard Spider in Diablo 4, you must understand its attacks work and counter them. Here are all of broodguard’s attacks:

Melee Attacks

The spider will attack you with melee attacks like leg swipes and bites. These do not deal much damage so do not back down if you face these attacks.

Spider Webs

Broodguard will spew multiple webs away from itself. These will not inflict damage but will slow you down and leave you vulnerable for its next attack. To avoid these, make sure you stay close to the spider.

Poison Pools

This is Broodguard’s deadliest attack. It will spit three massive poison pools away from itself. A few seconds in this pool is enough to deplete your character’s health to zero. When it starts spewing the pools, stick to the spider at all costs.

Spider Hosts

After depleting its health, the broodguard will spawn four Spider-Host minions. These are annoying as they turn into small spider enemies once you beat them. Killing them is easy but the poison pools from broodguard make them overwhelming.

How To Beat Broodguard Spider In Diablo 4

Beating Broodguard Spider in Diablo 4
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Before challenging the Broodguard Spider, we recommend you collect as many health potions as you can. This dungeon boss can deplete your health in a matter of seconds with its Poison Pool attacks. So you’ll need loads of HP potions. Moreover, we recommend you use builds with strong melee attacks like Barbarian or Rogue. If you’re a ranged fighter, then you can still beat this enemy. It’ll only require more effort.

Once you start the fight:

  • Stay as close to this enemy as you can. Follow it when it runs and keep spamming attacks.
  • Take healing potions as soon as your health is halved.
  • Once it spawns the spider hosts, use AoE attacks or Ultimates to beat them while staying close to broodguard. Letting it get away means losing your health to the poison pool attacks.
  • Continue with this strategy and keep patience. This boss has a massive HP bar so it’ll take some time to bring it down.
  • If you have defensive skills like the Sorcerer’s Ice Shards, then use them effectively in the close-ranged fight.
  • Use heavy attacks if the enemy is staggered.

We hope this guide helps you find and beat the Broodguard Spider in Diablo 4. Even in the early stages of the game, you can use resources like gems to increase your attack power, so check out how to upgrade them in our D4 guides section.