Sekiro: How To Beat Blazing Bull (3 Easy Ways)

Here is how you can beat the Blazing Bull in Sekiro.

Blazing Bull is a mini-boss that is not only hard to beat in Sekiro but one that can make you quit the game. There are many reasons that players find it annoying. Be it its speed, its somewhat unusual fight pattern, its horns with burning haystacks, or anything else that you might hate about it. But the surprising thing is there is one super easy way that you can use to defeat it fast. So in this guide check out how to Beat the Blazing Bull in Sekiro.

How to Beat Blazing Bull in Sekiro

sekiro shadows die twice best ways to beat blazing bull

There are 3 effective ways you can defeat the Blazing Bull. These methods are:

  • Dealing Posture damage
  • Chipping away its Health
  • Using Firecracker Shinobi Prosthetic

Out of all three, the best method is dealing it posture damage and finishing it off with a deathblow. This method is also the fastest method because if done correctly you can defeat it in under 2 minutes or even less. But it can take you some tries before you understand its parry timing. Here is how all three methods work:

Dealing Posture damage – Best way to Kill Blazing Bull in Sekiro

To begin with, you should not take the fight immediately and focus on clearing the area. This means eliminating the three guards and destroying all the breakable objects here. This will clear the battleground. It might sound like an extra step but is quite important and also something you will need for all three methods.

Now, run behind to make the Bull charge at you. Create a good distance and the Blazing Bull will charge at you. Stand still and get ready to deflect. Blazing bull will lower its head and try to attack you in an upper-cut fashion. The moment it is about to hit you is when you deflect. This will stun the Bull for a short period allowing you to land 3 hits. But for starters, you should only hit it twice until you get comfortable about when it recovers.

This method will not only chip away its health but also build up its posture bar. Make sure you don’t rush and fight patiently. There is a minor drawback in this method and that thing is you will take burn and chip damage. But, if you play right, you will be able to finish it with a deathblow in no time.

Again, remember this method does take some practice until you get used to the Blazing Bull’s attack pattern and most importantly the timing of when to deflect.

Chipping away its Health

This is the next method you should go for. Although this method isn’t really recommended as it requires a lot of running around. And if the bull manages to attack you it can still kill you quite easily.

This method is quite simple you need to run around and get behind the bull. Each time you get behind attack the bull once or twice. Keep doing this until you chip away all of its health and defeat it.

Using Firecracker Shinobi Prosthetic

This method works as an add-on to the above techniques and you can use it to get some extra hits. The firecrackers take some time for bursting so you have to use them a second or two earlier than the bull’s attack connects. Use the Firecracker prosthetic and step back. If the prosthetic attack connects the bull will get stunned. Start hitting it a few times then run back.

Firecracker prosthetic can only be used once every 20 seconds so make sure you run around or parry its attacks while you wait for it to use again.

Here is a tip before ending this guide. To increase your damage, you should consume an Ako sugar just before the fight starts. This will help you do more damage and can speed up the process to defeat it.

That covers this guide on how to beat the Blazing Bull in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Since you like playing this game I also suggest you check out our guide on the 10 best Sekiro mods that you should try.