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How To Beat Altered Borophagus In Forspoken [Boss Fight Guide]

Check out how to find and beat Altered Borophagus in Forspoken.

Altered mutants like the Borophagus are optional mini-bosses in Forspoken that you can beat to get rewards. In this action-adventure RPG, you will be thrust into the magical and dangerous world of Athia. Once a beautiful land, Athia is overcome by a mysterious blight called The Break. Due to this, the creatures and humans are corrupted and turned hostile. All the survivors have gathered in the city of Cipal. This guide will tell you how to take on the hyena-like creature roaming around Cipal.


How to Beat Altered Borophagus in Forspoken

Altered Borophagus

Before taking on these Altered Mutants, we recommend progressing in the main quest to unlock new and powerful spells. These mutants are tough to beat so having a few strong spells in your arsenal will help you overcome them.


Fighting Borophagus is a bit tricky because, unlike other mutants, this one will have three minions surrounding it. Here are the minions and the magic type they are vulnerable to:

  • Hylonomus: A Reptilian creature with a vulnerability to Frey’s Magic (Purple Magic).
  • Harpagos: A Bird-like creature with a vulnerability to Sila’s Magic (Red Magic).
  • Gruagach: A minion creature with neutrality to Frey’s Magic.

Apart from the minions, the mutant itself is very strong. It has strong melee attacks and an Attack boost ability. Using this boost, this mutant can instantly deplete your health bar and finish you off.


To beat Altered Borophagus:

  • First, target and beat the minions. Use your Purple Magic to finish off the Hylonomus. Then, switch to the Red Magic to get rid of Harpagos. Grugach does not have a vulnerability to any type of magic so the best one to use is Frey’s own.
  • After defeating minions, turn your attention towards Borophagus. Keep your distance and hit it with Frey’s Purple Magic as it is vulnerable to it.
  • Use spells like Implant, Tendril and Burst Shot to do heavy damage to its health.
  • When it roars, step away and maintain distance. This is the sign of its attack boost and the following attack is devastating.
  • If hit by that attack, heal yourself immediately. To do so, make sure you carry enough Healing Draughts to the fight.

Once you defeat Altered Borophagus, you will be rewarded with 4 Lucid Garlands, which you can use to upgrade your gear.


How to Find Altered Borophagus

To find the Altered Borophagus, you’ll have to visit the Sacred Peaks area in Cipal. This area is to the north of the Blessed Plains. However, to access this area, you will need the Zip ability by beating the first main boss. Once you reach the Sacred Peaks, look for a Belfry to get the location of this mutant.

That’s all from us on how to beat Altered Borophagus in Forspoken. For more helpful guides like How to Beat Altered Llingoceros, check out our Forspoken section.