Battlefield 5 Invisibility Bug To Be Fixed Soon By DICE

BUgs have been a major issue for Battlefield 5 and one certain bug that turns invisibility bug that makes it really hard to spot enemies and only their gear and helmet is seen with the rest of the body being invisible.

Bugs are common in today’s gaming culture and with the massive amounts of work developers put into the game some issues often remain ignored, this invisibility bug is caused because of a certain skin not loading properly which makes it really hard to locate enemies.

DICE did release a Battlefield 5 patch for Xbox One recently which fixed other things but are still not done with the invisibility bug. DICE though have released a statement about it in which they claim to have made “substantial progress”.

“The Dev team is dedicated to resolving the frustrating issues impacting many of our players. This week we released Hotfix 1.2 that helped address much of the Xbox One crashing issues. We’ve also gotten word that the team has made substantial progress in resolving the Invisibility bug that randomly affects players. More on that as we get closer to the next update”.

With this being certain to be fixed in the next update, DICE has also revealed a few things that might excite a lot of the players in Battlefield 5, over the next few weeks DICE will having:

  • DICE Friends Round #2
  • Nvidia Content Contest
  • Update 4.2 Release
  • Marita Release

The Marita map will certainly be one of the highest points talked about in the next couple of weeks as it released. Marita map takes us back to Greece and it will bring it’s own challenges and looks like it will be great.