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Batman Arkham Developer Rocksteady Comments on Sexism Accusations Again

A few days ago, Batman: Arkham developer Rocksteady came under fire because various allegations were made against the studio, including sexual harassment. Now the developer comments on the allegations itself.

The development studio, which is currently working on the development of the DC game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, first issued an official statement on the allegations. These go back to a confidential letter that a former employee of the company leaked to the English Guardian and the content of which Rocksteady, as reported by IGN, was now making its first statement on Twitter.

As the developer of Batman Arkham explains in its statement, the allegations made had been investigated in detail and discussions had taken place with all of the studio’s female employees. Those in charge “listened, and we dealt with the issues raised. All formal complaints were thoroughly investigated, addressed appropriately, and a number of serious measures were taken in response to the issues that were surfaced, including discipline or termination of staff.”

In order to make Rocksteady Studios a secure workplace in the future, where all employees feel supported, the cooperation with an independent, external company was also announced, which should also hold discussions with all employees who are willing to express their wishes regarding the company’s future. In this regard, female employees who have left the studio in the past two years should also be asked for their opinion – if they want to participate.

Furthermore, it was assured in the statement that Rocksteady would in the future respond more to the feedback from its female employees when it comes to the representation and characterization of female characters in their games. In the past, characters who were partly over-sexual in the games of the English development studio were repeatedly criticized, for example in the case of Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy. A point that was also taken up in the recently published letter.

In the night from Saturday (August 22, 2020) to Sunday (August 23, 2020) at 1 pm ET, the latest game from Rocksteady Studios, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, will be officially announced as part of the DC FanDome event.