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Batman Is Still Alive In Gotham Knights And Here’s Why

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Gotham Knights was revealed a few days back and one of the biggest shocks in the videogame history was sent worldwide when we learned that Batman had died. The sad demise of Batman has put things into perspective for people worldwide but we believe that Batman is still alive and here’s why.

If you’ve grown up reading comic books about Batman, then you’re probably familiar with The Court of Owls, this secret group of people that control Gotham City, they’re an extension of the League of Shadows.

As we’ve all known the League of Shadows is run by Ra’s Al Ghul, who has been immortalized in countless movies, comics, and tv shows. While Bruce Wayne is presumed dead, it was Ra’s himself that has trained Bruce to become a master assassin.

The League of Shadows work as a vigilante group who use all means necessary to bring Justice and Ra’s Al Ghul operates as the Sensei who leads the Court of Owls for many years to become an extension of the league to watch over Gotham.

It might possible that we get to see the Lazarus Pit in action, a pit which has countless times restored Ra’s Al Ghul’s life over the years and given him longevity to defeat his enemies.

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Though we will get to play as members of the Bat-family, there’s a huge possibility that we’ll get to see Batman later in the game or his disappearance is largely due to the fact that he’s been captured by the Court of Owls and in the meanwhile, the Bat-family has been called into action to look after Gotham.

Both Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League start off with the same premise of Batman being dead but Gotham Knights isn’t a continuation of the Arkham Games which puts more belief into Batman being alive in the game.

I believe we’ll get to see Batman rise back up from the ashes in Gotham Knights and players will need to wait for Batman until the very climax of the game, there are hints of Batman being a playable character though it won’t be possible until a DLC of the game is released that will continue on the storyline.

I’d love to be wrong and hope that there’s something that we haven’t seen before but the way most of the AAA games have been going it will surely not be surprising to see Batman

Gotham Knights is looking forward to add another dimension to the Batman games we’ve loved over the years and different characters like Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl will surely add different combat techniques with their weapons but there needs to be a specialization for each character that will make sure each character has something unique to add to the game making their presence feel more worthwhile.

It will also be a great addition to the game if each character in Gotham Knights takes on a specific specialization that Batman possesses and together they are somehow able to band together and defeat those who terrorize Gotham.

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