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Gotham Knights Officially Announced, Trailer Reveals 4 Playable Characters & Co-op Confirmed

As it was confirmed earlier, WB Games Montreal just announced their new game: Gotham Knights. The entire game can be played solo, or in 2 player co-op in which each takes on the role of one of the Knights.

Bruce Wayne is dead and the Gotham Knights are taking over. The team consists of Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Nightwing and in the first trailer, it became clear that we are taking on the Court of Owls and their Talons.


In fact, the trailer shows how Batman, after sending a video prepared in case of death, passes the responsibilities to four members of the Bat-Family as mentioned above. Also confirmed the presence of iconic enemies such as Mr. Freeze or the more recent Court of Owls.

The gameplay seems to be very close to the Arkham Saga, taking advantage of a new story (also very close to being consequential to the ending of Batman: Arkham Knight, but without confirming it for now) and this time without Batman, but otherwise, the enemies, as well as the management of the game seem to have adapted to a gameplay mechanics linked to the growth of the characters. The presenters have in fact revealed how the various heroes can be enhanced, improved, and (it seems) even the types of equipment can be changed (as seen by the aesthetic change of Batgirl during the videos).


The enemies also present a level above their head, as if to propose a sort of entry threshold (and perhaps maps capable of giving drops of some kind). Finally, from what you can see from the gameplay, it seems that other online players will be able to join one of the other heroes in your game.

In the pre-Alpha game footage that followed, the team took on Mr. Freeze. To get there, Batgirl drove to the site on a Batcycle and saw Robin using a Justice League satellite to teleport short distances. The gameplay footage was also shared via Twitter and can be viewed below:


Gotham Knights should be released in 2021, but for which platforms are still not yet known.