Anthem All 402 Bastion Collectible Location And Trophies Guide

Time to collect all 402 Bastion Collectible Location and earn trophies, keep reading.

In Anthem Bastion Challenge you have to find 402 collectibles that are scattered around in various locations. And it is not easy to find them all, but what if you have the map screenshots, knows the exact location to search and you find ample of them very easily. I made this guide to save your time, so keep reading and share your views in the comments below.

Bastion Collectible Location Guide

There are more than 400 collectibles you can find in Bastion region of Anthem. Find them all will take a lot of time if you start searching them without knowing where to hunt. We had sorted the guide into different challenges, click on each of them to get location with map screenshot.

How To Track & Farm Collectibles – Finding hard to locate collectible then hit the link.

Trailblazer Challenge –

Grave Historian Challenge –

  • Location – Tombs of the Legionnaires
  • Collectibles – 4

Arcanist Archives Challenge –

  • Location – Arcanist Archives
  • Collectibles – 25

Dominion Intel Challenge –

  • Location – Dominion Intel
  • Collectibles – 25

Outlaw History Challenge –

  • Location – Outlaw Intel
  • Collectibles – 25

Scar Intel Challenge –

  • Location – Scar Intel
  • Collectibles – 25

Sentinel Archives Challenge –

  • Location – Sentinel Archives
  • Collectibles – 25

80 Misplaced Writings –

You have to collect 80 writings, this challenge is divided into different tier, once you complete every tier the counter reset. Completing all will rewards you No Stone Unturned Gold Trophy.

  • Mederines’ Disciple – 10 Writings
  • Mederines’ Order – 30 Writings
  • Mederines’ Peer – 40 Writings

Bastion Collectible Trophies Guide

Once you are done completing a challenge and unlocking collectibles you will keep on getting new trophies, the list is below. We will keep on updating as and when we find new ones.

Bronze Trophy

  • High Road
  • Academy Ruins
  • Monument Watch
  • Fortress of Dawn
  • Ruins of Shadowmark
  • Valley of Tarsis
  • Great Falls Canyon
  • Emerald Abyss
  • East Gate
  • Eastern Reach

Gold Trophy

  • No Stone Unturned

After going through all the challenges enjoy all the trophies you unlocked and collectibles you earn. For more guides on the game click Anthem Wiki guide and surf through various topics.

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