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How To Track And Farm Collectibles In Anthem – Guide

Finding hard to get collectibles, well it easy if you know what to do

Anthem is a big game, it has hundreds of collectibles around the map and it is not possible to track them down instantly. We bring you some tips that will help you to track and to farm collectibles around the map but still you have to learn various locations.

How To Track And Farm Collectibles Guide

Anthems has loads of collectibles in the game, and remember one thing a lot of them respawn randomly but once you have a location reference it is lot more easier to get them. So in this short guide I will tell you about how you can track collectibles in Anthem and tips to farm them. This will not only save your time from getting frustrated with exploration but also help you to achieve your finding collectible target.

Tracking Collectible

Go to Challenges > Exploration > Bastion Collectibles > Bastion Region. This is just an example to track collectibles in Anthem. Here you can find what you need to search and all the collectibles are scattered around in the open world. Some of the collectibles are part of story while ample of them does not require you to find them. You can complete your mission, jump in your Javelin and fly into the openness of Anthem universe to find each of them one by one.

What Are The Benefits Of Unlocking Collectible

Finding collectibles is not just for fun, it is an important activity in Anthem. By finding them you get Loyalty XP points. You get lore to your text docs and you learn a lot about Anthem world. Each collectibles has some information stored for you, can unlock a trophy and some of them also reward you money. It is just like treasure hunt. Some collectibles are bit complicated and divided into tears, after collecting one you can progress to second like Mederine’s Writing.

How To Farm Collectibles Easily In Anthem

It is tough to locate each and every collectible just by flying over the region. They are placed in nooks and corners, so you need a strategy when you are on a mission to get each of them. There are certain points you have to remember, first if you die in free roam the collectibles will respawn in the same place.

If any player has already collect it before, you have to return empty handed. You have to play challenges to get a set of collectibles to reach all the way to a trophy. For example some items are into different sets like 25 and by completing them you complete a specific challenge and get your reward.

Some collectibles spawn in the same place, you have to learn to identify them. While some of them will not, they are random. If you know which collectibles are specific to a location, keep visiting the place and fill up your inventory.

Hope our short tips will be able to help you in some way, we had not added much here, but we tried to bring valuable details as much as possible. Do hit our Anthem Wiki guide link get more tips on the game.

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