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How To Get To Baldur’s Gate In BG3

Now you know how to reach the City of Baldur's Gate in BG3 through two main routes.

For those embarking on the epic journey of Baldur’s Gate 3, the sprawling city of Baldur’s Gate is a key location in Act 2 of the game. However, getting to this bustling trading hub takes some effort. This guide will outline the two main routes to reach the city and provide tips on overcoming its challenges.

How to Get to Baldur’s Gate City in BG3?

How to Get to Baldur's Gate in BG3 (Baldur's Gate 3)

To get to Baldur’s Gate in BG3, it’s highly recommended that you complete Act 1 of BG3 first. This allows you to level up your characters and gear up properly for the challenging enemies ahead. Act 1 results in some climactic events, after which new passageways to BG will open.

The Mountain Pass

One of the main routes to Baldur’s Gate is through the Mountain Pass to the west of the Act 1 area. This route involves getting past a contingent of formidable Githyanki warriors guarding the pass.

If Lae’zel is in your party, you may be able to talk your way past them. Otherwise, prepare for a challenging fight against their skilled swordsmanship and psychic abilities. Come well-equipped, and make sure your party is at least level 5 before attempting this passage.

Once you clear the pass, you’ll arrive at Rosymorn Monastery on the Act 2 map. You can travel to the grand city from there, likely battling more foes.

The Underdark

mountain pass or underdark path in baldur's gate 3

An alternative route is delving into the underground realm of the Underdark and emerging outside Baldur’s Gate. Several entrances to the Underdark in Act 1 include the Hag’s Lair, the Phase Spider Matriarch’s Cave, and the Goblin Camp.

Navigate to the beach area in the central region of the Underdark known as Grymforge. Here you can take a boat that will eventually lead to a mystical elevator raising you to the Act 2 map.

Note the Underdark contains many traps and dangerous creatures, so proceed cautiously. Also, be ready for a nasty curse blanketing the emergence point that may impede your journey to the city.

Progressing through Act 2 of BG3 will eventually lead you to the sprawling the city. Once you successfully navigate the challenges of Act 2, you’ll be rewarded with access to this new area’s bustling streets and intriguing characters.

That covers all the Baldur’s Gate City in BG3. If you’re not sure about which weapons you should go with, then check out our Best Weapons Ranked list.

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