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Best Back 4 Blood Karlee Build Card Decks

Find out the best Karlee Build Card Decks in Back 4 Blood.

Karlee is one of the Cleaners in Back 4 Blood that you can build a deck around. Each character has his/her own character perks and playing ability. The same stands for Karlee. So, scroll down and find out which is the best possible Karlee Build in B4B.

Best Karlee Build in Back 4 Blood using Card Deck system


Back 4 Blood Karlee Build: Best Card Deck For Characters In B4B

  • Back of Tricks: Will add +1 to quick inventory skills.
  • Combat Medic: Will give a +50% use speed as bonus. You will also be able to heals teammate for an additional 20 health when you revive them.
  • Danger Sense: You will be able to sense nearby hazards.
  • Dexterous: Gets you a bonus of +50% team use speed.
  • Headband Magnifier: Adds on a bonus +125% use speed. There is also a chance that will get you blinded for one second when you take damage.
  • Nimble Fingered: You will get to start your run with a tool kit.
  • Marked For Death: Any mutations that you ping will get highlighted. Additionally your team will also deal +10% increased damage to any mutations you come across.
  • Multitool: With this card you will get +75% use speed, but, the only offset is a -5% damage resistance.
  • Screwdriver: With this card you will get +50% use speed as well as a +10% stamina boost.
  • Support Scavenger: Karlee will be able to sense nearby support accessories. This card will also cause more support accessories to spawn.
  • Trigger Control: This will add +25% Accuracy with Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles.
  • Utility Scavenger: Now you will be able to sense nearby quick accessories. This will also make more quick accessories spawn.

The one thing to note about the Karlee Build in Back 4 Blood is that she’s an all rounder. So, there is no confirmed build tactic or gameplay style that will work with her. She can do a little bit of everything.


This is everything that you will need to know about the best Back 4 Blood Karlee Build. While you are here you can also have a look at All the Types of Builds you can make for each Cleaner.