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Back 4 Blood Cheats, Codes, Trainer, & More

All Back 4 Blood (B4B) cheat codes & how to use the trainer for unlimited damage, ammo, health, speed, stamina & more.

Back 4 Blood devs have ramped up the game difficulty after the beta test. Many players are overwhelmed with the changes from the initial beta phase and are having trouble completing levels in higher difficulties. If you having similar troubles as mentioned, then don’t worry, sit tight for the devs nerfing the difficulty in the next update. But if you are impatient then there are trainers and cheats you can use to buff up your character to make even navigating the highest difficulty, a piece of cake. So for the curious players out there, here’s all you need to know about Back 4 Blood Cheats, Codes, and Trainer for all PC versions including Game Pass, and Steam.

Back 4 Blood (B4B) Cheats & Console Commands

Back 4 Blood’s spiritual predecessor, the Left 4 Dead series had Console Command Cheats allowed by devs within the games. But this is not the case with B4B. The devs have decided to do away with this feature to keep the game fair for all the players (as some players might want to have no cheat enabled game which joining a party). This can be changed in future updates if the cheats and console commands will be allowed from devs to use within the PvE aspect of Back 4 Blood. But with PvP mode in the picture, it is very unlikely to expect it to be added in the game.

Back 4 Blood Cheats Codes and Trainer

But with all the said, if you are wondering what Back 4 Blood’s Cheats & Console Commands would have been similar to, then we are sharing just a few of the Left 4 Dead 2’s cheats:

  • boom – spawn an active pipebomb under you
  • give ammo – Full Ammunition
  • Ent_Remove – Removes all bots
  • give pistol – Get a pistol
  • give rifle – give you a MK 47 ( machine gun )
  • impulse 101 – Give Ammo to your primary weapon
  • thirdperson – sets the camera to be in third person mode
  • z_health – Change zombie health
  • z_spawn – spawn a special infected
  • z_spawn weapon_SMG – give you the SMG
  • z_speed – Change Zombie speed

Back 4 Blood Trainer

There are many Trainers available for Back 4 Blood on PC. We even tested out a trainer (from a famous website known for trainers), which worked for us without any issues. This trainer is only allowed to work in single-player mode, and do not use it in multiplayer mode, as it will get you banned. We don’t want anyone to get banned from this amazing game. But be aware that most of them are fake ones out there that also download malware to your system. Only rely on the websites you are familiar with and are known to be genuine. Do not compromise your safety just for a trainer, it’s simply not worth it. So, here’s what we were able to churn out in an offline Back 4 Blood Trainer:

  1. Ammo – Unlimited
  2. Extra Copper
  3. Extra Damage
  4. Health – Unlimited
  5. Extra Supply Lines
  6. Increased Game Speed
  7. Reload Off
  8. Stamina – Unlimited

That’s everything you need to know about Back 4 Blood Cheats, Console Commands, & Trainer. Also, make sure to check out more of our guides on Back 4 Blood tips and tricks, right here on Gamer Tweak.