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Back 4 Blood Abomination Final Boss Fight

Find how to beat the final boss in Back 4 Blood.

Abomination is the final boss fight that you will face in Back 4 Blood. As far as boss fights go, this is a pretty easy one to get through in the game. Just make the right choices and you will be good to go. In fact, if you’re even moderately good at the game, you will get done within 15 minutes of the start of the fight. So, here’s how to beat Abomination in B4B.

How to defeat Abomination in the final Back 4 Blood Boss Fight?


The Abomination boss fight in B4B takes place in 3 separate stages. Each of these stages takes place in a different location and will have you change your strategy accordingly. However, the game is pretty helpful when it comes to giving you resources and such stuff. Now, let’s find out how to get through each stage of the fight.

First Stage

Back 4 Blood Final Boss Fight: How To Defeat Abomination?


The first stage begins with a cutscene that introduces the Abomination. It also includes quite some colorful language that doesn’t suit a character known as ‘Mom’. The Abomination also seems to take some damage right in the cutscene. Not a nice start to the Final Boss Fight for Abomination in Back 4 Blood.

Now, when you are actually beginning with the fight you will start out with the underlings and above ground. You will first have to defeat the tentacles of the Abomination as they break through the ground. Keep your fire focused on the mouth of said tentacles and you will defeat them with ease. You will have to repeat this a total of four times till you beat this part of the boss fight.

There will be the usual Zombies coming in waves too. If you are playing single-player, the remaining teammates will take care of the regular Ridden. However, you will have to help out with the occasional Tallboy and Reeker. One handy thing to note for this part of the fight is that if you go over to the extreme end near the supermarket, you will find an LMG. This will make the process go faster. Spam the crates frequently in order to replenish ammo.


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Stage 2 of Back 4 Blood Final Boss Fight

Back 4 Blood Final Boss Fight: How To Defeat Abomination?


Stage 2 of the Final Boss Fight will have you go underground in search of the Abomination after beating the tentacles. Make sure that you replenish your ammo before going underground. Once you are here, just stand at a safe enough distance from the monster. Once it opens its mouth, you will see some pores and lesions. Aim your fire at them and then you will beat it in no time. Use the LMG to its full advantage.

Again, deal with the occasional Tallboy, Stinger, and Reeker that comes your way. There are a few crates lying around that will help you with your ammo needs. Also, watch out for the acid that is spewing out of the tentacles. Make sure that you don’t get any of it on you. The target remains the same and you will get done in a short time.

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Stage 3

Back 4 Blood Final Boss Fight: How To Defeat Abomination?

Stage 3 of the Final Boss Fight in Back 4 Blood is a bit troublesome. This is only because you have to move around quite a bit. You will also get a timer this time around that tells you how much time you have before the monster runs away. Again there are lesions on the body that you will have to keep firing at. These will spawn on the bottom of the Abomination, its back, near its limbs, etc, etc. You get the gist.

The Zombies will spawn more frequently, so, keep an eye out for any of the tougher ones. The crates are frequent too which will help you to replenish your arsenal. Also, make sure to keep your health up. Above all, just keep moving around. This is the best way to find all the weak spots of the monster.

This is everything that you will need to know about the Abominati0n Final Boss Fight in Back 4 Blood. While you are here you can also have a look at Back 4 Blood Voice Actors And Cast.