What Do Baby Magmasaurs Eat In Ark Survival Evolved?

Searching around baby food for your recently hatch Magmasaur? Check out our guide on what do these fiery creatures eat in Ark: Survival Evolved.

There are tons of creatures that players can come across in Ark: Survival Evolved but only a few are as distinct as Magmasaurs in the game. These fire-based creatures are fascinating and deadly at the same time. Having said that, they are one of the few ones that players won’t be able to tame directly. Instead, you will have to steal and hatch a Magmasaur egg. Once their offspring hatch, players will have to feed them accordingly to tame them. So what exactly do these fiery creatures eat? And if you are wondering the same, here is our guide on what Baby Magmasaurs eat in Ark: Survival Evolved.

What do Baby Magmasaurs Eat in Ark Survival Evolved?

ambergris in ark survival evolved

Baby Magmasaurs have unique dietary requirements than their adult counterparts. These little creatures feast on Ambergris and Sulfur as their comfort food. You can obtain Ambergris by killing space whale/Atrocetus or by mining green-lined rocks in the lunar biome in the game. Once acquired players will have to store the material in Tek Troughs, a Preserving Bin, or a Refrigerator to preserve it as it will get spoiled after 20 mins in the inventory. It restores 500 food to Baby Magmasaurs.

Another material that Baby Magmasaurs eat is Sulfur. To obtain sulfur you will have to mine small yellow-streaked rocks on high mountain or volcanic areas. You can also acquire it as drops by killing Wyvern, Rock Elemental, or even Adult Magmasaurs in the game. The appetite of these creatures will increase as they enter adulthood. Players will have to keep up with their requirements throughout their survival.

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