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Ayaka Kamisato Guide In Genshin Impact

Want to know who is Ayaka in Genshin Impact?

Characters in Genshin Impact scream stan material. In midst of all the beauty out there, there has been a character that has recently taken the spotlight, and gamers can not help but wonder, who is Ayaka in Genshin Impact? We are here to give all your answers about who she is and what is her role in the game.

Who is Ayaka Kamisato In Gemshin Impact?


Ayaka In Genshin Impact
Kamisato Ayaka is the princess of Kamisato House Of Inazuma in Genshin Impact. The character is rumored to be introduced with the latest patch update but nothing has been confirmed yet. She was available as a playable character that has a Cyro element in the first Closed Beta test. Known to be into swordsmanship she has a sword as her weapon and is of Inazuma Nationality. Her birthday is on 28th September, which by the way is the same as that of Genshin Impact’s release date.

With respect to her appearance, princess Ayaka is this beautiful doll-like persona with blue-gray eyes. She is fierce with blue hair that goes with her eyes. She can conduct up to 5 rapid strikes with her Kamisato Art Name, which is her normal attack. For elemental skill, which is Hyouka, she can deal Cyro damage by launching on enemies that are in close proximity after emitting ice around herself. As of her Alternate Sprint, she inflicts cold on enemies in close range and converts her sword into a cold which changes her Attack DMG into Cryo DMG for a short period. All in all, it will make everyone happy to have this character in the game.

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