King Legacy: How To Awaken Snow Fruit And Get V2

Got your hands on the Yuki Yuki no mi and are looking for ways to make the most out of it? You should awaken your Snow fruit in King Legacy to find its full potential.

In One Piece, the awakening of a devil fruit happens when the user’s mind and body catch up with their power, as per Kaido. Donquixote Doflamingo even said it is another stage entirely of powers. So when it comes to King Piece players are looking to awaken their Snow fruit and get V2.

Yuki Yuki No Mi was used by Monet in the series. It is of Epic rarity in this game. But don’t lose hope, after you grind enough and know what to do, you will be able to use its powers to the fullest!

How to Awaken Snow Fruit in King Legacy (V2 Guide)

How To Awaken Snow Fruit In King Legacy
Image Credits: JixxyJax on YouTube. Collect 5 Snow Fruits and talk to the Awake Master to awaken Yuki Yuki no mi in King Legacy.

You need to get yourself 5x Snow Fruits in total in order to awaken it. With the updates, the developers have changed how Awakening works.

  1. Start by finding a Snow Snow fruit.
  2. Open your Inventory and go to the Devil Fruits tab. Eat it to unlock its powers.
  3. Now, find and collect 4 more Yuki Yuki No Mis.
  4. Next, go to Viridians in the Second Sea. It is the furthest place in the Japan island in-game.
  5. Here, look for the NPC “Awake Master”. He will be standing outside his house.
  6. Outside his house, interact with the door.
  7. Next, open your inventory and equip the remaining 4 Snow Fruits.
  8. Go back to the door and put all 4 fruits in the door.
  9. Talk to the Awake Master now and he will say “You power already awaken. Do you want to unlock?”
  10. Choose Accept.
  11. Next, you need to spend gems on all 5 of your abilities:
    • Z: Snow Breath – 15 Gems
    • X: Imprison Ball – 35 Gems
    • C: Snowstorm – 70 Gems
    • V: Frigokinesis – 140 Gems
    • E: Transfer – 65 Gems
  12. So, you will need a total of 325 Gems to completely awaken it.

Snow Fruit Awakened V2 Moves

  • Z: Frostflake
  • X: Blizzard Ballet
  • C: Frost Cardplay
  • V: Blizzard Zone
  • E: Winter Wing

While having awakened snow fruit is nice, there are still other things you can do to get powerful. Check out how to get Sea Best race in King Legacy. And if this wasn’t the fruit for you, you can also check out how to awaken dough fruit.