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Roblox Avatar Glitch Today (January 2023) – How To Fix?

Why are players getting a glitch in their Roblox avatars and is there a fix? Read on to know.

Is your Roblox avatar acting weird while playing games? Seeing a single color tone on your character but with eyes and a smiley face despite having a skin equipped? You are not alone. This could either happen due to a bug in a specific game or due to other reasons related to the entire platform. Here’s everything you need to know if you come across an avatar glitch on Roblox. Note that this is different from the Noob glitch that some players may encounter.

Why is there a Roblox Avatar Glitch & How to Fix it?

how to fix avatar glitch roblox

If the avatar glitch is happening site-wide on Roblox, chances are that the servers are down at the moment or there’s an outage that’s causing this problem. In such a scenario, all you can do is wait until the developers fix it from their end. Once the server problems are resolved, your character skins will be visible in-game. Don’t worry, because this can happen often but gets fixed pretty quickly by the dev team.

As soon as you notice that your avatar is glitching, make sure to close the experience and try loading up another game. If that game is working properly, then contact the developer of the previous game on social media to let them know about the error. Usually, they are responsive on Twitter and/or Discord.

You can also try to Reset your character within the game. Press the ESC button on your keyboard to bring up a menu and click on the Reset Character option. If that doesn’t work then you need to wait until the problem is solved by Roblox. Keep an eye on their official Twitter account for any updates.

That’s all for the Roblox avatar glitch – but if you come across a camera glitch as well, here’s what you need to know. For everything else related to codes and error fixes, head over to our Roblox category.