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Roblox Noob Glitch: Fix Characters Turning Into Noobs? (2023)

Noobs, noobs, everywhere? Here's what you can do if you encounter the Roblox Noob glitch.

If you are an OG player of Roblox games, you know the Noob skin – the classic yellow head and body, blue shirt and green pants look. It was given to players when they had newly joined the platform and is a default Roblox skin. But due to an error, all players on the server sometimes turn into Noobs! Why is this happening and is there a fix for the Roblox Noob glitch? Here’s all you need to know.


How to Fix the Roblox Noob Glitch?

roblox noob glitch
image credit: FedoraGFX on Devforum

The Roblox Noob glitch is an error from the end of Roblox and isn’t something players can fix. It will come up due to server issues related to loading your character’s appearance. It’s not a hacker that’s trying to take over your account, so don’t worry. As soon as you noticed that all players on your server are turning into a noob, here’s what you need to do:

  • Close Roblox, relaunch it and check if everyone is still looking the same.
  • Check if this is happening while you are playing a specific game or if other experiences are also packed with noob characters. Try getting into multiple games and check the in-game skins or other players right away.
  • If it’s just one game and the other games are working properly, you can contact the developer on Twitter or Discord to let them know about the bug.
  • But if other games have all noobs too, then it could be a server outage that affects all players. You might also face more errors related to connection, lag, loading problems and games kicking you out without reasons. Roblox Studio might become unstable at that time as well. Here’s how to check if Roblox servers are down or back up online.
  • If the error persists, check if @Roblox has posted anything about this error or if other players on social media (Twitter/Reddit/Discord) are having the same problems.

If it’s a widespread issue, you can rest assured. Because the Roblox dev team will be already investigating and fixing the issue. You can log back into Roblox after some time to see if it has been resolved. Waiting for it to be fixed automatically is  the only solution in this case.

That’s everything about the Roblox Noob glitch and why it is coming up. The next time you face any Roblox errors, be sure to check Gamer Tweak’s Roblox guides for the reason behind it or the solution. And if you are interested in getting lots of freebies from Roblox games, we’ve got you covered as well.