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Fortnite – How To Turn Autorun On & Off

Learn how to Turn On & Off the Autorun setting in Fortnite from this guide.

Fortnite is a Battle Royale game where you will need to move to many locations on the map. Movement is very important as it can determine the outcome of your battles. Aside from Battles, you will be moving a lot on the map and most of it will be by foot. In such cases, you would like to have an Autorun mode active. Luckily for Console players, Fortnite has an Autorun mode built into the game. In today’s guide, I will show you how to Turn On & Off Autorun in Fortnite.

How to Turn Autorun On & Off in Fortnite

autorun settings fortnite

Autorun in Fortnite is a Togglable option in your Settings. Here is how you can Turn On or Off Autorun.

  • Start up Fortnite and come to the Main Screen.
  • From there go the Settings Menu.
  • Once you are in Settings, there should be a Tab with the Controller and Cog icon.
  • This is the Controller Options Page.
  • Under it, the very first Settings Option is Autorun.
  • You will be able to toggle it On or Off depending on what you want.
  • By selecting On and Applying the changes, you will have Turned On the Autorun feature in Fortnite.
  • Subsequently, selecting Off will Turn Off the Autorun feature.

When you have Autorun turned On, you will be able to activate it by Double Clicking it with the Left-Stick. Once you do that, your character will start running on their own. This removes the need for you to hold down the Left-Stick to run forward. This option is only available on the Controller, Keyboard and Mouse do not support Autorun. For Mouse & Keyboard, you can keep Running on Toggle. Doing so will give you the Autorun experience. This will make your trips across the map by foot a little easier. It will be tiresome still but not as much.

This was all about Turning On & Off the Autorun Option in Fortnite. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Stuck On Connecting Screen Fix and How To Create & Play Private Custom Game in Fortnite.