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Far Cry 6 Best Pistol – How To Get Autocrat Unique Weapon

Here's the location of the Autocrat Unique Pistol which is the most powerful and best Pistol in the game and also a Yaran Contraband.

The Autocrat Pistol is a Unique weapon which is studded sidearm that has good damage, velocity, accuracy, handling and stealth. Plus, you can use mods to improve its weapon damage as well. But where to find the location of this best pistol in Far Cry 6? Well, this is how to obtain this Yaran Contraband.

Where to Find the Autocrat Unique Pistol in Far Cry 6 (Location)


Follow these steps to find and unlock the Autocrat Pistol (Yaran Contraband) in FC6.

  1. The location of the Autocrat Pistol (unique weapon) is at Fort Quito and you can get your hands on it fairly early on in the game.
  2. Be ready to get it during the Du or Die mission where you have to enter the Fort and steal Depleted Uranium from there.
  3. This is the first time you will be using your Phone camera to scout the location and tag soldiers.
  4. You can either use your parachute to infiltrate the fort from the front or you can stealthily enter it from the back.
  5. If you choose to enter it through the cave at the back, you will be much closer to the Unique Pistol.
  6. Swim up to the area and walk up to the caged room from under the staircase, shoot at the wooden planks or hit them with your melee weapon.
  7. This is where the Autocrat Pistol, the best Pistol in Far Cry 6, is hidden away in a brown case on the wooden shelf.
    How to Get the Autocrat Unique Pistol in Far Cry 6 Location
  8. It can be missed due to the nature of the mission. But after you have completed it, you can come back here and grab it from the case.
  9. If you are trying to reach it after entering from the front of the Fort, disable any alarms. This will prevent the soldiers from calling for backup.
  10. Enter the Armory by taking the key card from the dead army officer.
  11. Steal the Uranium and then use the ladder to go underground. It will be next to the notice Envio Y Recepcion.
    where to find autocrat pistol unique weapon
  12. This will lead you to the caged room.


The Autocrat’s mods improve aimed weapon damage and body shot damage. Overall, it’s a unique weapon that you MUST have in your arsenal.

autocrat unique pistol location fort quito

That’s all you need to know about how to get the best unique Autocrat Pistol in Far Cry 6. We’ve got more guides on all FC6 weapon list, locations, resolver weapons, rocket launchers and more. Don’t miss out and get ’em all!