Valheim Auto Pickup Not Working Fix

Here's how to fix auto pickup not working in Valheim.

Many players are trying to fix the issue with their auto pickup not working in Valheim to pick up items. If you are among few who are facing issues with auto pick-up after the new recent update, then don’t worry we have the solution for you. Today will look at how to enable and disable this Auto Pickup feature in Valheim easily. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

How to Fix Valheim Auto Pickup Not Working?

How to Fix Valheim Auto Pickup Not Working

To fix auto pickup not working in Valheim to pick up items, you need to press the “V” button on your keyboard. This will enable and disable auto pickup for your character in the game. This is a new toggle feature the devs introduced with the new Hearth & Home update. Now you as the player will be in control of when to take in all the resources you need or decide when to stop taking in all the unwanted stuffs and leaving no space in your inventory.

This is a long-awaited and requested solution to an issue where the character picks up everything in the vicinity when you are only looking for just one particular item. Before the update, you had to manually remove each and every item you don’t need to carry around. But now with the help of the toggle button, your job is pretty easy to plan ahead for resources.

This will also hel[p you if you are trying to do a run for rescuing the corpse, and don’t need to collect every little item on your path there. This is also helpful as before you had to install multiple modes to get this feature, and as always with mods, they do break during new updates. So having this toggle feature inbuilt within the game is the answer to our long-time prayers. So make sure sure that the V button to the maximum benefits from now on.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix auto pickup not working in Valheim. While you’re here, get more hidden secrets in our Valheim Wiki Guide. We have solutions to lot of problems that might feel frustrated about.