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How To Auto-Equip Best Gear In God Of War Ragnarok

Take a look at all the controls to use Auto Equip in GoW Ragnarok easily.

God of War Ragnarok is meant for all the players whether you like engaging in the main story or difficult combats. As the game is pretty long, there are many things to do for every kind of player. However many fans simply want to head into the story and have no time to focus on which weapon perk & ability they should equip. In this case, the developers have brought some new features that’ll help you solely focus on the story. So without any further ado let’s take a look at the controls to Auto-Equip the best gear in God of War Ragnarok.


Controls to Auto-Equip High Level Gear in God of War Ragnarok

How To Auto-Equip Feature in God of War Ragnarok

Here are the steps & controls to Auto-Equip the best weapons attachments, & equipment in God of War Ragnarok.

  • First, launch the GoW Ragnarok game.
  • Next, go to Menu by clicking on Character & Map button on your console.
  • After that, use L2 & R2 to switch between Weapons & Armor tab.
  • Then, choose one of Kratos’s weapons and click L3.
  • Doing show will bring up a pop-up window with the option to select the Stat you want to prioritize. You’ll get to choose stats options such as.
    • Strength
    • Defense
    • Runic
    • Vitality
    • Luck

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Once you choose one of these options, your attachments, equipment, and other gear will be Auto-Equip on that basis. For example, if you choose Luck, then all gears with the highest luck will be automatically selected for you. So now you can simply focus on your Main Story gameplay without worrying about which perks you should use. However as this feature only helps you choose the best gear, so you’ll still be required to collect resources to upgrade the Weapons & Armours. That sums up everything about how to use Auto-Equip feature in God of War (GoW) Ragnarok. While you are here check out a guide about All Nine Realms in the game.