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AUT Trello Link & Discord Server (2023)

Here's the A Universal Time (AUT) Trello Link and the Discord servers you can join.

A Universal Time or most popularly called AUT, is an action adventure game that has thousands of active players (8000+ at the time of writing). If you are a new player or coming back to it after some time, you may want a refresher and that’s where the AUT trello link and Discord come in. The trello page has a compilation of various in-game elements like economy, farming, NPCs, Quests, Stands and answers some FAQs as well.

What’s the AUT Trello Link?

a universal time trello board

Here’s the official A Universal Time (AUT) Trello link: https://trello.com/b/zvAPn8TV/aut-2

This will keep you updated with the latest developments in the game, help you with ban appeals and answer important questions. Here’s a gist of what you can find on Trello board.

What are U-Coins?

U-Coins are the main currency of AUT which you can use for Quests, Shopping or collecting specific Items. Players can obtain them by defeating other players, other bosses and open treasure chests.

How to Use Emotes in AUT?

Press the period “.” key on your keyboard to see a circular menu. From here, you can click on the emote you want to use.

Do Treasure Chests Respawn?

Yes! They will spawn in fixed locations on the map, and they will respawn after 2-5 minutes in the exact same spot. You can get common, uncommon, epic or legendary item from a treasure chest.

How to Get a Stand Arrow?

Players can get Stand Arrows if they interact with Arrow Meteorite. Opening up a Treasure chest may also grant you a Stand Arrow (50% chance) but if you wish to go ahead and buy one, you can get it from the Shop NPC. He is present in the shop beside The Stadium.

How to Get Requiem Arrow?

Opening up a Treasure chest may have a 9% chance of giving you a Requiem Arrow.

If this information was useful, you will find lots more on the Trello board, so go ahead and check it out right away.

AUT Discord Server Wiki Link

If you are not able to join the Discord server immediately, try waiting for a few minutes and use the invite again.

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