Spiderman 2 Aunt May’s Grave Location

Here’s where you can find the Grave of Aunty May in Marvel’s Spiderman 2.

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 features a huge map with plenty of locations to visit. While most of them are marked on the map, some of them need to be found via exploration. Speaking of it, Aunt May’s Grave is one such location where both Peter and Miles can visit to pay tribute. And if you walk around the graveyard, you can also find Jefferson Davis’s (Miles’ Dad) Grave.

Our guide here features the location of both Aunt May and Jefferson Davis’s Grave in Spiderman 2. You can use it to visit her grave while completing the main storyline or after completing it. But if you are on a hunt to unlock all the Trophies and Platinum the game, then I suggest you do so early. That’s because interacting with Aunt May’s Grave will unlock the ‘You Know What To Do’ Bronze Trophy. That said, here’s where you can find her Grave.

Where to Find Aunt May’s Grave in Marvel’s Spiderman 2

Aunt May’s Grave is found in the northwestern part of the map in the Harlem District. Just as you enter the graveyard, visit the location marked in the image below.

Spiderman 2 Aunt May's Grave Location

After reaching there, you will find the graves of May Parker and Ben Parker in Spiderman 2. If you walk around a little, you will also find Jefferson Davis’ grave in the cemetery. You can visit there as Peter or Miles to initiate a heartfelt moment there. By this, I mean a small dialogue cutscene.

Also, let me tell you that you can visit the cemetery and interact with Aunt May’s Grave or Jeff’s Grave anytime you want. But when you do this for the first time, you will unlock the ‘You Know What To Do’ Trophy in Spiderman 2.

During my first playthrough, I interacted with Aunt May’s Grave after completing all story missions. One thing to note here is that you will get different dialogues at the graveyard before and after completing the story.

Check out the video below to know all the cutscenes that Miles and Peter can initiate at the graveyard:

That’s where you can find Aunt May’s Grave in Spiderman 2. Be sure to visit there once.

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