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How To Attend Different Parties In Bitlife

Here is how you can attend different kinds of parties in BitLife.

Attending parties is one of the crucial social features of being a BitLife character. Whether you’re trying to make a party animal or have your character simply enjoy the company of more than one person at a time, this is the guide for you. Here, we will show you how to attend and see whether parties are right for your character in BitLife.

How to Attend Parties Easily in BitLife

How to Attend Parties Easily in BitLife

Attending parties in BitLife is easy in the game. This can be done through your friends in the game. You can simply attend parties by clicking on a friend and then scrolling down till you see the ‘Party’ option. Here is how you can make friends and do this in the game:

  • Make as many friends from school as possible from the ages of four to seventeen
  • When you start working, you can make friends with as many people in your workplace as well
  • Maintain friendships by using the Spend Time with All button in Relationships

Now that you have many friends, you need to choose certain friends that you want to party with. There is no restriction to how many parties your character can attend but depending on the enjoyment of both parties, it can affect the relationship between them as well as the happiness of your character.

There will be times when you don’t want your character to attend parties with their friends. If you just want them to have fun on their own, you can also make them go to the nightclub as many times as you want. This will make them more prone to addictions in the game as well. This will lead them to have fun on their own and doesn’t affect your character’s relationship. However, you must note that this does not count as attending parties for the challenges in the game.

This was your guide on how to attend parties in BitLife. While you’re here, check out this guide on how to become a housekeeper especially if you are trying to complete the Sinderella challenge.