All Atlas Skew Locations in Destiny 2

Check out this guide to learn all of the Atlas Skew locations in the Confluence in Destiny 2.

Finding the Atlas Skews in the various locations of the Confluence in Destiny 2 is one of the most important things you can do in The Dreaming City. Getting to the skew can be rather difficult, because of how complex navigating the Confluence can be. In this guide, we will show you all of its locations.

All Atlas Skew Locations in The Confluence in Destiny 2

the dreaming city confluence atlas skews locations

Confluence Entrance Atlas Skew Location

You will find your first Atlas Skew near the Garden of Esila in the Strand. This is one of the many entrances to the Confluence in The Dreaming City. Once you enter, take a right turn and keep moving until you reach the last passage. Now, just get into the passage in order to reach the Garden of Esila. Once here, jump on the bridge and then take a right to head towards the dome that is located across the tree. You will find a structure that resembles a gazebo here. In the middle of this structure, you will see a portal. Entering this portal will take you right to your first Atlas Skew.

An alternative route you can take is entering the Confluence via the Cathedral in Harbinger’s Seclude. To do so, you should move all the way towards the end of the Seclude. Here, you will see a single statue placed on an overlook. Now, face backward and use the elevator to go down. Doing so will take you into the same room where you had battles with the High Celebrant during Season of the Hunt. To get a portal to get an Atlas Skew, simply go to the end and then take a right.

Confluence Trees

After you collect the Atlas Skew located in the Garden of Esila, you need to take a right turn. Once you do so, take another right turn and then keep moving until you find a corridor that has a large tree inside it. You will find the Atlas Skew right next to this tree. Now, keep walking along this path until you arrive at a big room. This room will have three separate entrances. Each of these entrances will take you to an Atlas Skew.

Entry to Confluence Throne

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, there will be a room with multiple entrances. Once you are in this room, just take a right. You should find the entrance to the Shattered Throne dungeon on strongest Curse weeks. You will find an Atlas Skew at the end of this hallway, right next to the portal. From here, you can also check out the room with the giant crystal in it. You will find another Atlas Skew here too.

Harbinger Cathedral

Once you are done collecting most of the Atlas Skews, head for the last door, and you will be taken into the Cathedral that takes you to Harbinger’s Seclude. You will find the last Atlas Skew in this location, right next to a statue.

Those are all of the locations where you can find Atlas Skews in Destiny 2. While searching for them might take some time, it is definitely an exciting process. You will surely enjoy foraging through the labyrinths of passages and locations in The Dreaming City in the Confluence.

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