All Astral Tale Codes February 2024

Use these Astral Tale codes to get a free Mount, Scroll, Title, Cosmetic item, and more.

A free exploration world filled with adventures and legends is the soul of MMORPGs. Astral Tale takes you to one such fantasy realm where you can switch between multiple classes, strengthen your connection with the Stellarians to know their stories, and battle foes to win your place in the tale. Thankfully, to advance faster, developers have provided us with codes that give free Mounts, Scrolls, Cosmetic items, and much more.

Classic Japanese adventure games have a fanbase incomparable to new ones. Due to this, its global PC version has gained high popularity among such players. To celebrate the number of players, new codes will likely be rolled, so it is best to save this for any future updates.

Astral Tale Codes for Cosmetic, Mount, Scroll, and More

Astral Tale Codes
Image Credit: Steam

Active Codes

Here are all the new working Astral Tale codes for February 2024:

  • ASTRAL2M – This code is redeemed to get an Early Register Gift Box containing:
    • Title Redeem Voucher – It’s Time for a Duel x1
    • 7-Day EXP Star x20
    • 20-Slot Backpack x1
    • Advanced Gear Evolution Scroll x5
    • Star of Growth Equipment Gift Box x1
    • Whopping Candy x1
    • Fleetfoot Mushroom Capybara x1
  • WELCOMEASTRAL – Teleport Feather x30
  • BACK – Veteran Player Gift box containing:
    • Server Title Redeem Voucher x1
    • Hermes’ Blessing (Bound) x1
    • Chestnut Pet (Bound) x1

Expired Codes

Here are all the invalid codes for the MMORPG:

  • Fortunately, all codes are working for now.

How to Redeem Astral Tale Codes

How to Redeem Astral Tale Codes
Image Credit: Ndut Gaming PC on YouTube
  1. Launch the game on PC.
  2. Go to the Store using the gift box in the bottom right of the main screen.
  3. Navigate to the AP Store, and on the right side of this shop, use the Gift Code button.
  4. Paste the code and redeem to claim.
  5. Close the store and reopen it to find the reward in the cart.
  6. Press Claim All to send it to your Backpack.
  7. Open the Backpack and right-click to use the item, or open the box.

Where to Find More Codes

The codes in this game expire fast, working only for a few weeks, so you have to keep track of the devs social handles to stay informed. Discord and Facebook are the best sources to obtain and know about their validity. Apart from these handles, you can also check here, as we’ll keep updating it with the new ones.

That’s all about the Astral Tale codes and redemption method. For more such MMORPG guides, check out our Mobile and Video Game section.