AC Valhalla: How To Get Tattoos (Body Customization)

This is how to get head, chest, back and arm tattoos in AC Valhalla.

Players of the iconic franchise of Assassin’s Creed now get to play the role of a Viking. In order to get the full experience, though, you have to look the part and it’s incomplete without some tattoos. So, without wasting any more time, let’s look at how to get tattoos on your character’s body in AC Valhalla.

How to Get Tattoos in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?


To customize your Viking’s body with body tattoos, you have to go to the Svend’s and Tove’s Tattoo Shop in Fornburg. You have to complete the Honor Bound mission in order to get there so go ahead and do that. Once that is done, you can set sail and start your preparation of turning into a Nordic Viking. When you reach Fornburg, you can find the Tattoo Shop and Svend will be sitting inside or standing outside depending on when you interact with him. Talk to him and check out the types of tattoos he can make. Through this, you can apply tattoos on Eivor’s Head, Chest, Back and Arms. Scroll through the areas by pressing LB/RB and apply a particular one by pressing A (Xbox).

how-to-get-body-tattoos-ac-valhalla how-to-get-face-tattoo-assassins-creed-valhalla

There’s quite a variety of options available so take your pick. Choose the ones that you think look the coolest on him or her. Once you try on a tattoo, you can rotate Eivor to see the artwork in its full glory. You can also bring the tattoo artist Cosmetic Schemes to unlock more tattoos.

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How to Get More Tattoos?

To obtain more tattoo design options, you have to interact with NPC and do little tasks for them. You will be rewarded with new tattoos after which you can visit Svend again and get them tattooed on your character. You may have to teach someone archery or do something else for them – doing these short activities will help you get more tattoos.

This is basically how to get Tattoos in AC Valhalla. If you want to know how to customize Eivor even further, we will be posting a guide on how to change your character’s appearance soon so stay with Gamer Tweak! We’ve got many more tips for you that you can check right away, though, like how to change time in AC Valhalla, how to break enemy defense and how to increase Charisma level. Plus, don’t miss out on getting Thor’s Helmet in this game too!