Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Stonehenge Location

Where to find the Stonehenge? Check out the AC Valhalla Stonehenge location and the Stonehenge Standing Stones Puzzle Solution here.

Eivor’s journey in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla goes from Norway to England and is packed with twists and turns. Along the way, you will see some familiar locations like Essexe, Wincestre, Nottinghamshire and more. There is also a prehistoric monument, the Stonehenge, that you can check out in the game. In reality, it is present in Wiltshire but we will show you where to find the Stonehenge in AC Valhalla. Plus, keep reading to know the Stonehenge Standing Stones Puzzle Solution as well.

Where to find the Stonehenge in AC Valhalla?

For those curious to know where is the Stonehenge in AC Valhalla, you need to head to Hamtunscire in England. Check out the Stonehenge Location on the map.

AC Valhalla Stonehenge Location

You can travel to this monument on a horse but note that the power level you need is 340. So you have to be prepared because you will come across powerful enemies on the way there.

If you are near the suggested power level, then it will not be a problem for you. But if not, then you need to try to increase the power level first. Due to the difference in the power, your enemies will be very, very challenging to beat. You can still try to access the Stonehenge in AC Valhalla if you are careful enough. Remember to save your game and make use to the fast travel points if possible.

Stonehenge Standing Stones Puzzle Solution

Stonehenge Standing Stones Puzzle Solution

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the Stonehenge is not just a monument but it serves a purpose as well. When you interact with the stone that gives you the ‘Read’ prompt, you will get the objective to recreate a symbol shown. What you need to do is make Eivor stand at such a place in the area where you can perfectly see the symbol. To make things easier for you, know that you don’t need to be at a higher location. You have to find an appropriate place from the ground itself.

If you find the right place, the game will zoom in the camera. Now move around your camera a little or shift your position a bit. Once you do it right, you will see the notification of Stonehenge Standing Stones Completed.

So, we hope that answers where is the Stonehenge in AC Valhalla and gives you the Stonehenge Mystery Standing Stone Puzzle Solution. Check out more Standing Stone Puzzle solutions right here: