Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Get Predator Bows

Here's how to get Predator Bows in AC Valhalla including locations of Recurve Bow, Needler, Longbow, Shadow Strike Mythical Bow and Petra's Arc.

The Predator Bow in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a powerful long range bow. It’s made to shoot large arrows from a distance which is almost like being a sniper with arrows. With this bow, you get more precision which can help you take out enemies faster. This also means that it’s not that effective in close range and should be used mainly from afar. If you want to know where to get Predator Bows in AC Valhalla, here are the locations for it. Know about how to find the Recurve Bow, Needler, Longbow, Shadow Strike Mythical Bow and Petra’s Arc.

AC Valhalla Predator Bow Location – How to Get?


Here are Predator Bow locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. We’ve explained how to get them all.

Recurve Bow Location


The location of the Recurve bow (which is a Fine Predator Bow) in AC Valhalla is in Rygjafylke. Visit Haervik Shipyard with the help of the map below and raid there.


You will see a square hole that you need to climb down into using the ladder and loot a chest present in the room.


That’s where to get the Recurve Predator Bow location in AC Valhalla. Its ability is that it will increase attack when health is full and it’s aligned with the Way of Raven skill tree.

Needler Predator Bow Location in AC Valhalla


To get the Needler Predator Bow in AC Valhalla, you need to visit any Merchant/Trader and buy it from them for 380 Silver. It has a Perk where a stealth headshot will create a sleep cloud around the body which is pretty cool. It’s associated with the Wolf skill tree.

AC Valhalla Longbow Location


The Longbow Predator Bow location in AC Valhalla is in Old Lincoln Sewers in Lincolnscire. You can get it to through the Roaring Meg’s spring caves shown below on the map.


It’s a heavily guarded area so take out the enemies and head to the chest.


That’s where you will get the Longbow. It’s associated with the Wolf skill tree and has a perk of throwing a smoke bomb after a close range shot.

How to Get Shadow Strike Mythical Predator Bow


You can wield this bow in any hand and it can be bought from the store in the game with Helix Credits. It has a perk where it increases critical damage when health is full.

How to Get Petra’s Arc in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


To obtain Petra’s Arc in AC Valhalla, you have to kill the legendary animal Aelfred’s Battle Sow/Battle Cattle. Check out our guide on all Legendary Animals to know where to find it and how to kill it. Once you defeat it, you will get the Petra’s Arc Predator Bow in AC Valhalla as a reward along with some other benefits.

This is basically how to get Predator Bows in AC Valhalla. Head to all of these weapon locations, complete the objectives that are required and get your hands on the Predator bows. We hope these tips help you in your journey towards the Recurve bow, Needler, Longbow, Shadow Strike Mythical bow and Petra’s Arc.

Want more such guidance for weapons? You don’t need to spend your time looking everywhere. Get the precise location from the guides in our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki page on Gamer Tweak!

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