Where To Find Nickel Ingot In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Learn where to find Nickel in AC Valhalla with the help of these locations.

The Nickel Ingot in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a crucial resource that you can use to upgrade weapons and gear at the blacksmith. As you move further ahead in your journey, you will need all the perks that you can get. That’s why you need to know where to find Nickel Ingots in AC Valhalla. Not sure where to look? This guide will explain how to get this rare resource.

AC Valhalla: How To Get Nickel Ingot Location?

In order to get Nickel Ingots, you have to open chests, buy them or trade them in exchange for items and fish. The locations to find Nickel Ingots are East Anglia, Lunden, Essexe, Cent, Suthsexe, Oxenefordscire, Sciropescire, Lincolnscire etc. In East Anglia, specifically, you can visit the locations shown in the maps below.

how-to-find-nickel-ingots-assassins-creed-valhalla east-anglia-nickel-ingot nickel-ingot-locations ingot-wealth-location-east-anglia

It’s quite a rare resource but remember that if you’ve found Carbon Ingots in an area, look elsewhere for Nickel Ingots. Head to mid-tier locations to get your hands on some Nickel Ingots.

How to Buy Nickel Ingots from Stores

Once you find one Nickel Ingot, it will be available for purchase from Stores. Simply head to a store and talk to the Merchant. You can then buy them for 250 Silver. Here’s how to make Silver fast in case you are low on money.

Hunting and Fishing Deliveries

Apart from this, you can get Nickel Ingots if you trade hunting deliveries like animal parts in return for special items or rewards. The same goes for Fishing deliveries. Of course, you need to build the Hunter’s hut and Fishing hut. Once you have the fishing line after building the fishing hut, you can start fishing. Here’s how to catch more fish in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

This was all about where to find Nickel Ingots in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. If you want to get more such help with locations, read our AC Valhalla location guides on Gamer Tweak.