Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How To Change Mount

This is how to change, customize and upgrade your mount in AC Valhalla.

There is a lot to do in AC Valhalla’s vast open world. You can go fishing, you can enter Flyting duels and so much more. It’s an engrossing Viking Saga packed with many fun activities to do and changing your mount is something that’s possible as well. You can use a type of horse or even a new animal to travel faster in the open world. But how to change your Mount in AC Valhalla? Can you customize and upgrade your Mounts too? Find out in this quick guide.

AC Valhalla: How do you Change Mount?


Firstly, you need the Stable and Aviary building in your settlement and you will need 400 Supplies and 30 Raw Materials to make this happen. You also have to get to England for this, which will take about two hours of the main story missions. These resources can be obtained by raiding and to help you out, here’s how to conduct a successful raid. With Stable and Aviary constructed, you can talk to the Stable master/manager and change mount in AC Valhalla by purchasing them from him.

Approach and interact with the NPC and ask him about their stock which will reveal all the mounts that you own and those that can be bought.

how to purchase mount ac valhalla

If you cannot afford to build those buildings, fear not, because you can find Stables around the map too.

How to Customize & Upgrade your Mount?

You can start with a horse or even get a wolf mount if you have the Ultimate edition of the game. Have a lot of money (silver) already? Then you can purchase more horses.


With the Stable and Aviary building, you can customize as well as upgrade your mounts. Make a choice about which type of Mount upgrade you are looking for – is it health, stamina or swimming? How do you want to train your mount? Once you have made your decision, pay money and get it done. Thankfully, it is simple as that!




We suggest you build the Stable and Aviary quickly if you have enough resources because it will surely benefit you in many ways.

That’s all about how to change mount as well as customize and upgrade mounts in AC Valhalla. While you are here, don’t miss out on our other early game guides that will make your adventure a smooth journey. There’s more to come, so stay with Gamer Tweak!

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