Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Jomsvikings: How To Unlock, Recruit, Use, And More

Build your own Jomsviking and recruit others to take along in raids.

Jomsvikings in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are Viking mercenaries that you can take along in your raids. The game allows you to build your own Jomsviking and deploy him or her for others to use. Similarly, you can also recruit Jomsvikings built and deployed by other Valhalla players. But to be able to use the Jomsvikings optimally, you’ll have to learn how to unlock, recruit, and use them. Hence, in this AC Valhalla Jomsvikings guide, we will walk you through everything that you need to know about Jomsvikings.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Jomsvikings Guide

This guide will discuss how to unlock, recruit, customize, and use Jomsvikings in AC Valhalla. We will go through each of them individually.

How to Unlock Jomsvikings in AC Valhalla

You can unlock Jomsvikings from the Barracks on the shore of Ravensthorpe. However, the barracks are not unlocked by default. Hence, you will have to build one once you are inside England. Luckily, building barracks cost very less and are available right as you enter the England map without even a need to upgrade your settlement. To build a barrack in AC Valhalla, you’ll require 200 supplies and 30 raw materials.

how to unlock jomsvikings in ac valhalla guide

Building the barrack will unlock a quartermaster. Once the quartermaster is unlocked, head out of the barrack and interact with her. From here, you can build your own Jomsvikings in AC Valhalla. The quartermaster will give you a random pre-defined Jomsviking. You cannot change the character, physic, and name of your fierce warrior. However, you can change the weapons and armor that he or she carries. Also, you can keep changing the randomly generated Jomsviking until you find someone whom you can include in your team. Plus, you can also choose the gender of the character. Those are the only ways to customize your Jomsviking in AC Valhalla.

how to build your own jomsviking in ac valhalla

Once you confirm the features and stats of the character, it will be fixed and you cannot change it from here on. You can equip the Jomsviking with any of the weapons and armor available in your inventory. So basically, it is like a clone of Eivor.

How to Recruit Jomsvikings in AC Valhalla

To put it simply. you can recruit Jomsvikings in AC Valhalla by paying 100 Silver to the players who have built them. You can find the Jomsvikings in the in-game map marked with a helmet icon. Follow the icon mark and you will reach the available Jomsviking. Now, you can interact with the Jomsviking and get all its information, including who build it, what are the stats of its weapons and armor, and similar other details.

how to recruit jomsvikings in ac valhalla

Similarly, once you confirm the stats and features of your own Jomsviking, he or she will be visible on the map as soon as you create him or her. Other players will be able to see the character on their map. They can then recruit your Jomsviking in their team by paying you 100 Silver. Don’t worry as you won’t lose your Jomsviking if someone recruits him.

assassin's creed valhalla jomsvikings guide

You can recruit a total of 100 Jomsvikings at once. However, you cannot take all of them with you on a raid. You can only take 6 Jomsvikings along with you on a single raid. Hence, you might require a lot of thinking and analysis of stats between all your crewmates before stumbling upon which one to take along during raids.

recruit up to 100 jomsvikings at once in ac valhalla

How to Use Jomsvikings in AC Valhalla

The use of Jomsvikings in AC Valhalla is pretty much already talked about in this guide. However, to put it in brief, you can use them for successful raids, earning Silver, and getting EXP. Yes, you read that right, taking Jomsvikings in raids will not only give you the added advantage of extra members but also earn you some EXP and help you level up fast.

how to use jomsvikings in ac valhalla

That’s the end of our AC Valhalla Jomsvikings guide. We hope this will answer all your questions about Jomsvikings and their role in the game. While here, you can read our guides on how to unequip weapons and unlock Excalibur in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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