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Asphodel Flower Location – AC Odyssey The Fate Of Atlantis Episode 2

The flower is important to cure sickness, this guide will give you exact location

Charon one of the NPC in Assassins Creed Odyssey The Fate Of Atlantis Episode 2 will tell you to bring a flower called Asphodel Flower during one of the quests. The flower is hidden in between rocks and can be annoying to find. In this Assassins Creed Odyssey – The Fate Of Atlantis Episode 2 Guide refer the map screenshots and tips to find Asphodel Flower, also be ready for an unexpected surprise, a meeting with an old friend.

Asphodel Flower Location In The Fate Of Atlantis Episode 2

In the quest, A Cursed Sickness talks to Charon and he will ask you to bring Asphodel Flower. Travel to Elysium Breach, it is located in the east of Scorched Lands not far from Charon’s location. You will reach a place with big columns, climb on the titled one on the left corner. Use the Eagle vision to look around the mountains in front of you and it will mark the location of Asphodel Flower.

 Asphodel Flower Location AC Odyssey

You can walk upon the chains connecting the columns to reach on the other end, take the wooden stairs up and follow the objective marker. Once you reach the spot fight some hounds, kill them and walk towards the fountain the flower is on the ground. There will be a cutscene and an unexpected surprise will hit you.

 Asphodel Flower Location AC Odyssey

Remember Testikles, the drunk warrior who was eaten by sharks before the beginning of the Olympic Games. You will spot him back in the underworld, and it looks like he has a different fate other than dying unnecessarily but he continuous his legacy pushing himself further down in anything left beyond the underworld.

Testikles is one of the fallen and he will be eventually killed by the hounds, after dying you can grab the Testikles’s Nutcracker, an axe. Kill the hounds and return to the plague victim with the flower to continue the quest. At this point there will be two choices, give the flower to Hades or to the sick victim. If you give the flower to the plague victim and tell her to eat it, then you will have to complete an additional task of taking the Lost Woman to Thanatos Pyre and guard her against enemies.