How To Build Arrows In Minecraft

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to make Arrows in Minecraft!

In Minecraft, arrows are used as a weapon when used with a medium like a bow, crossbow, or dispensers. These are critical when fighting from range. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps required to make arrows in Minecraft. Follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Make Arrows in Minecraft

 arrows in minecraft

These steps will guide you towards crafting arrows in Minecraft. You can also choose to enchant them later on in-game.

  • Open your crafting table which has the 3X3 grid.
  • In the first row, place a flint in the 2nd square.
  • Now place a stick directly below the flint leaving the other 2 squares on row 2 blank.
  • Place a feather below the stick and likewise, on the third row- leave the other 2 squares blank.
  • Your arrows are now ready!
  • Drag the arrows to your inventory to use them.

In case the aforementioned steps list resources you don’t have- we have mentioned how you can obtain them and have made a list of the same below. Furthermore, you can even obtain arrows after you’ve killed skeletons. So in the scenario you need arrows and don’t have the resources to craft them- consider killing skeletons.

Obtaining the resources to craft arrows in Minecraft:

  • To get sticks, you’ll need to break trees- obtain wood that will get you planks. Place these in the grid and you’ll have sticks.
  • In order to get flint- look around to dig gravel. Breaking gravel gives you the chance to obtain flint.
  • Feathers are obtained from chickens. Find a chicken, kill it and it will drop a feather in addition to raw chicken.
  • After you’ve crafted all these, drag them to the inventory in order to use them whenever you need to.

If you’ve followed all these steps, you now know how to make arrows in Minecraft. If you love playing Minecraft, we’ve got loads of tips and tricks for you on Gamer Tweak.