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Elden Ring – Which Armor Has The Highest Stats?

Learn about the Armor Set that has the Highest Stats in Elden Ring from this guide.

Elden Ring has a lot of Foes in the form of Bosses, Players & Hostile creatures. Some of them are easy to deal with while others feel like it takes an eternity to defeat them. As such, you will need the Best Weapons & Gear to be ready for anyone. Weapons are always sought after and with the variety, the game has to offer, there is no shortage of them. Such is not the case with armor. Armor is important as it protects a plethora of attacks, spells, & statuses. But, which Armor has the highest stats? In this guide, I will show you the Armor with the Highest Stats & how you can get it in Elden Ring.

How to Get the Armor Set with the Highest Stats in Elden Ring


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In Elden Ring, Armor provides resistance & protection from various types of damage. Those types of damage are Physical, Strike, Slash, Pierce, Elemental, & Status. Attacks that make contact with a player fall under the Physical, Strike, Slash, & Pierce Damage depending on the weapon. Elemental consists of Magic, Fire, Lightning, & Holy Damage. Status Damage is effects like Blood Loss, Frostbite, Poison, Scarlet Rot, Sleep, Madness, & Death Blight. An Armor Set can resist these types of Damage through one or more of its Stats. The Armor Set with the Highest points in each Stat in Elden Ring is as follows.

  • PHY – Bull-Goat Set
  • VS STRIKE – Bull-Goat Set
  • VS SLASH – Banished Knight Set
  • VS PIERCE – Lionel’s Set
  • MAG – Lusat’s Set
  • FIRE – Fire Prelate Set
  • LIGT – Bull-Goat Set
  • HOL – Godskin Noble Set
  • IMMU – Mushroom Set
  • ROBUST – General Radahn Set
  • FOCUS – Fire Prelate Set
  • VIT – Lusat’s Set
  • POISE – Bull-Goat Set
  • WGT – Bull-Goat Set


We can see that the Bull-Goat Armor Set has appeared more frequently than others. It holds the Highest Stats in PHY, VS STRIKE, LIGT, POISE, & WGT. Overall the Bull-Goat Armor Set has the Highest Stats in Elden Ring. To get The Bull-Goat Armor Set, check out our guide on it from our Website. Although it has this Armor has the highest stats, it doesn’t make it the best Armor. It is also the heaviest, so you will need to have a lot of Endurance to use it. Depending on your Build, you can take one of the above Armor to resist a certain type of damage that has been plaguing you.

This was all about the Armor Set with the Highest Stats in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Best Twinblades & Locations in Elden Ring.