Arknights Tier List (August 2023) – Best Operators Ranked

Here's a guide on one of the best Arknights Tier List according to Reddit.

The Arknights Tier List is something that keeps evolving due to the recruitment of more characters known as Operators in the game. But today we collect the best characters from S Tier to D Tier (best to worst).

Arknights Operator Tier List

Tier List Arknights

Influenced by Reddit, our Arknights Tier List 2023 with all Operators recruitment is courtesy of @Cesith7 as he shared on his YouTube channel. He one of the best streamers and content creators for Arknights. So a tier list made by him is among the best you can find out there.

Here’s the Arknights Tier List 2023:

Arknights Tier Tist – Anti Air Sniper

Exusiai S Tier
Blue nPoison A+ Tier
Platinum A+ Tier
GreyThroat A+ Tier
May B+ Tier
Vermeil B Tier
Jessica B Tier
Meteor B+ Tier
Kroos B+ Tier
Adnachiel C- Tier
Rangers Sp Tier

Sniper High Precision

Schwarz S Tier
Provence A Tier
Aciddrop B Tier

Sniper Wide Range

Firewatch A Tier
Andreana A- Tier
Ambriel A- Tier

Sniper AoE

W S Tier
Meteorite A+ Tier
ShiraYuki A Tier
Sesa A- Tier
Catapult B- Tier

Short Range Sniper

Executor A Tier
Pinecone A Tier
Aosta B+ Tier

Heavyweight Sniper

Rosa S Tier

Death From Above

Rosmontis S Tier

Fast Redeploy Sniper

April A- Tier

Caster Single Target

Eyjafjalla S+ Tier
Ceobe S Tier
Amiya A Tier
Absinthe A- Tier
Click A- Tier
Nightmare B+ Tier
Tomimi B Tier
Steward B Tier
Haze B- Tier
Durin Sp Tier

Arknights Tier Tist – Caster AoE

Mostima S- Tier
Leonhardt A Tier
Skyfire A- Tier
Gitano B+ Tier
Greyy B- Tier
Lava C+ Tier
12F Sp Tier

Arknights Tier Tist – Caster Defensive

Beeswax A+ Tier
Mint A Tier

Range Guard

Silverash S+ Tier
Thorns S+ Tier
Lappland S- Tier
Ayerscarpe A Tier
Arene A- Tier
Frostleaf B Tier
Midnight B- Tier

Support Guard

Whislash A- Tier
Swire C+ Tier
Dobermann C Tier
Castle-3 SP Tier

Dualstrike Guard

Ch’en S- Tier
Bibeak A+ Tier
Cutter A Tier

Guard AoE

Blaze S+ Tier
Specter S- Tier
Broca A Tier
Savage B+ Tier
Estelle B+ Tier
Popukar C Tier

Guard Duellist

Skadi S- Tier
Franka A Tier
Matoimaru B+ Tier
Flamebringer B+ Tier
Conviction B+ Tier
Melantha B Tier

Arknights Tier Tist – Guard Brawler

Mountain S+ Tier
Flint A Tier
Indra A- Tier
Jackie B Tier
Beehunter B- Tier

Enmity Guard

Hellagur S Tier
Utage A Tier

Guard Arts Dmg

Surtr SSSS Tier
Amiya A+ Tier
Astesia A+ Tier
Mousse A Tier
Sideroca A- Tier

Tanking Defender

Hoshiguma S Tier
Nian S- Tier
Liskarm A+ Tier
Cuora A Tier
Bison A- Tier
Croissant A- Tier
Bubble A- Tier
Matterhorn B+ Tier
Cardigan C Tier
Beagle C Tier
Noir Corne C- Tier

Arts DPS Tank

Asbestos A Tier
Dur-nar B+ Tier

Survival Defender

Mudrock S+ Tier
Vulcan A Tier

Single Block Defender

Eunectes S Tier

Arknights Tier Tist – Healing Defender

Saria S+ Tier
Blemishine S Tier
Nearl A+ Tier
Gummy B+ Tier
Hung B- Tier
Spot C+ Tier

Vanguard Skill

Siege S Tier
Texas A+ Tier
Zima A Tier
Chiave B+ Tier
Courier B Tier
Scavanger B Tier
Fang C+ Tier
Vanilla C+ Tier
Yato Sp Tier

Vanguard Utility

Elysium S Tier
Myrtle S Tier

Vanguard Kill

Bagpipe S+ Tier
Vigna A Tier
Reed A- Tier
Grani A- Tier
Plume B- Tier

Medic Single Target

Shining S- Tier
Silence A+ Tier
Warfarin A+ Tier
Sussurro A- Tier
Gavial B+ Tier
Myrrh B+ Tier
Folinic B+ Tier
Ansel C+ Tier
Hibiscus C Tier
Lancet-2 Sp Tier

Medic Multi Target

Ptilopsis S Tier
Nightingale S Tier
Perfumer A Tier
Breeze A- Tier

Wide Range Medic

Whisperain A Tier
Purestream A- Tier
Ceylon B+ Tier

Arknights Tier Tist – Supporter CC

Angelina S Tier
Suzuran S Tier
Istina A Tier
Glaucus A Tier
Podenco A Tier
Orchid C+ Tier
Earthspirit C Tier

Supporter Buff / Debuff

Shamare S Tier
Pramanix A+ Tier
Sora A- Tier
Tsukinogi B- Tier

Imposter Specialist

Aak A+ Tier

Supporter Summon

Magallan S Tier
Scene A+ Tier
Mayer A Tier
Deepcolor B- Tier

Specialist Utility

Phantom S Tier
Project Red A+ Tier
Gravel A+ Tier
Kafka A+ Tier
Waai Fu A Tier

DP Eater

Jaye A+ Tier


Robin A Tier

Specialist CC

Manticore A Tier
Ethan A Tier

Specialist Pull

Cliffheart A+ Tier
Snowsant A- Tier
Rope B Tier

Arknights Tier Tist – Specialist Push

Weedy S+ Tier
Feater A Tier
Shaw B+ Tier

That’s everything you need to know about Arknights Operator Tier List according to @Cesith7. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our Tier Lists to know our rankings for characters in other popular games.

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