Warcraft Rumble Arclight Surge Schedule

Warcraft Rumble is one of the most intriguing action-strategy games of recent times. Blizzard, the developers of this game have managed to keep the players entertained through various events and other elements. While speaking of it, the Arclight Surge is one such mini-event that promises handsome rewards to the players. It’s a repetitive event that takes place multiple times a week. So if you are someone who wants to earn some extra gold, then participating in the Arclight Surge event is your best bet.

Here, we will tell you the Warcraft Rumble’s Arclight Surge Schedule. So you can refer to it and be prepared for the challenges this mini-event will throw at you.

Here’s When Arclight Surge Event takes place in Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble Arclight Surge Schedule
Image Source: Bulava Warcraft Rumble

Arclight Surges spawn twice a week and last for 3 days before they are reset. Currently, it resets every Sunday and Thursday and then it moves to the different zones thereafter. In fact, the Arclight Surge comes to those two maps that you have already completed previously. So the arena you will be entering will be familiar.

Both the zones surging with Arclight feature two modifiers. The first zone will have a modifier wherein you will be given a pre-decided army. This army will feature a mix of two families and it will be random. In the second zone, you can use your own army but there will be a different winning condition. And that condition is random as well.

While these are only the basics that you should know, there’s a lot that you can learn by participating in the Warcraft Rumble Arclight Surge event. Moreover, you now also know the schedule of this event, so there’s no fear of missing out on it.

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