One Piece: What Arc Will Come After Wano?

Disclaimer – Since you are looking for the next One Piece Arc after Wano, you should know that this guide contains spoilers of the Wano Arc of One Piece. If you are not caught up to the events going on, we recommend you do so before going through this guide.

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One Piece is turning out to be one of the best fiction stories ever told and now that Wano is over, what’s next for the Straw Hats? Kaido was arguably one of the best villains and the toughest fights that Luffy has encountered in One Piece. While the highlight of the battle might be Gear 5 and the Bajrang Gun, there were a lot more extraordinary fights and moments in this arc.

The small cameos of Ace, Luffy’s promise to Otama, the backstory of Wano and Kozuki Oden, and many more stories fueled the Wano arc to perfection. Apart from the emotional scenes, there were pretty extraordinary fights between the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance alliance and the Beast Pirates and Big Mom Pirates alliance.

Luffy Defeats Kaido with Bajrang Gun
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With the death (assumed) of Big Mom and Kaido, the new Emperors of the Sea have been announced. It’s official, the Straw Hat crew is now a Yonko crew (Emperor) with Luffy getting a bounty of more than 3 Billion berries. Other crew members have seen a significant jump in their bounties as well. Most notably, Zoro is back above Sanji with over 1.1 Billion berries.

Probably the most surprising of the four Emperors at first glance would be Buggy the Jester with the Cross Guild consisting of Mihawk and Crocodile. While things will clear out soon enough regarding the Cross Guild and the Jester’s role there, is it a foreshadow for things to come? Considering that Buggy is Oda’s favorite villain, there might be more to his story than we know.

One Piece Arc After Wano
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We finally got to see Shanks in action before the end of the Wano Arc. Whether he will be there in the next arc or not is still a mystery. However, he has already established that he will now search for the One Piece making things even more interesting.

What is the Next Arc After Wano in One Piece?

After Wano, Luffy and Crew will travel to a mysterious and futuristic island called Egghead and thus begins the Egghead Arc or the Future Island Arc. If you are not aware yet, Egghead Arc marks the beginning of the Final Saga of One Piece and the events in this arc may cause major shifts across the world leading to global war. Since the Revolutionary Army is also on the move and the incidents that happened during the Revelry, the Final Saga is going to be peak fiction.

Next Arc in One Piece After Wano
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The Egghead Arc is where the Straw Hat crew meets the genius scientist Dr. Vegapunk. Since Dr. Vegapunk is researching on the Void Century as well, the World Government will send the CP0 after him. This arc will finally reveal the power of one of the Five Elders with Saturn on his way to the island as well. Kizaru and a few other Vice Admirals join him as they gear up to take on a Yonko crew. Zoro, Luffy, and the others would be itching to take revenge for the incident on Sabaody 2 years ago.

The Egghead Arc begins on the anime from December 3rd with episode 1086.

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