Aragami 2 Co-op Multiplayer Not Working Fix (2024)

Is Aragami 2 Co-Op Multiplayer Not Working? Here's what you need to know about how to fix this issue & what the developers say about it.

Players can enjoy Aragami 2 in single-player mode or team up with up to 3 stealthy players in co-op multiplayer. But some are posting online about co-op multiplayer not working and there could be multiple reasons why this is happening. Let’s look at the different reasons and what you can do to fix it.

How to Fix Aragami 2 Co-op Multiplayer Not Working Issue?

How to Fix Aragami 2 Co-op Multiplayer Not Working Issue

You can find out what is causing the Aragami 2 Multiplayer issue by trying out the following things:

  1. Check if Xbox Live has an outage – Head over to Xbox status or downdetector to see if Xbox is undergoing any outage period during which Aragami 2 Co-op Multiplayer will not work. All you can do at that point is to wait until it’s fixed from Xbox’s end.
  2. See if your internet connection is stable – Restart your router/modem to see if your internet is working smoothly. If all’s well, try to rejoin multiplayer and see if it connects without issues.
  3. Restart the game – Sometimes, a bug could put a roadblock in your connection with the servers. A potential fix is to simply restart the game. Relaunch it and try joining multiplayer again.
  4. Check social media for any important update by the developer – Last but not least. This will give you all the latest updates straight from the horse’s mouth. If you face any issues with matchmaking, be sure to head over to the official Twitter account @LinceWorks.

Here’s what they have posted:

You will also find out if it’s being currently investigated or already has a hotfix rolled out.

So, that’s all you need to know about what to do when Aragami 2 Multiplayer is not working. Make sure you have the latest update with the fix and start playing right away. If this helped you out, make sure to stick around for more tips and tricks on Gamer Tweak!