Lethal Company Apparatus Easter Egg Explained

Wondering what’s the deal with that hidden Battery or Submarine in Lethal Company? Check out here to know everything about this Apparatus Easter Egg.

Lethal Company features plenty of intriguing features to keep you engaged in a thrilling environment. Those who have spent a decent time on the Moons have found several mysterious stuff in hidden locations. These are nothing but Easter Eggs that Zeekerss (developers) have added to the game. One such Easter Egg appears on the Company Moon in the form of an Apparatus that looks like a Submarine or Battery.

Our guide here features everything you need to know about this Apparatus Easter Egg in Lethal Company. So if you ever come across one, you don’t invest your time figuring out its purpose.

Where is the Apparatus Easter Egg in Lethal Company

  • Take a left turn after leaving the Ship in the Company building.
  • Walk until you find a hatch on the floor.
  • Enter the hatch and climb down the ladder.
  • Walk a while and pull the hanging switch to turn on the lights.
  • You should now see this Apparatus Easter Egg that looks like a Battery, or Submarine, or a Generator in Lethal Company.

What does the Apparatus Easter Egg do

Lethal Company Apparatus Easter Egg Explained
Image Source: MASONstein (YouTube)

Actually, the Apparatus does nothing. It is of no use and is only kept there to fill the spot. Some people theorize that it is a submarine or a battery that will become useable in the future. Considering the game is still in early access, this can be somewhat true.

I think that this Apparatus Easter Egg is actually a battery or a generator as we can see two slots on it. Maybe we need to fill that spot in order for it to function. However, this mechanic is absent from the game, so maybe we will get to know about it in the future.

That covers everything about the Apparatus Easter Egg in Lethal Company. To get more information like this, you can check out our dedicated section for Lethal Company Guides on Gamer Tweak.