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How The Ultra Zones Limited-Time Takeover Works In Apex Legends War Games Event

Find out how the Ultra Zones Limited-Time Takeover works in Apex Legends.

Ultra Zones Limited-Time Takeover is a limited-time event in Apex Legends. This event will last for a total of four days from April 15 to April 18. There are various new events in this mode and one old returning event. This old returning event is Flashpoint. In this guide, we tell you about all the new updates in the Ultra Zones Limited-Time takeover event in the Apex Legends War Games update.

What is the new Ultra Zones Limited-Time Takeover in Apex Legends War Games event


Apex Legends Ultra Zones Takeover
Get High-Tier weapons right from the beginning.

The first thing players should note is the return of a fan-favorite mode, the Flashpoint. In Flash Point, there is a Flash Point that envelopes each drop zone. What this bubble does is help in regenerating health and armor. The game will first increase your health while you are in this zone and not taking damage. Usual regen items such as the Shield Cells, Syringes, and Phoenix Kits will be available in normal loot pools like usual. This is much better than the last time Flash Point was used. Last time around regen items were missing and players were dependent on the Flash Points.

With the new Ultra Zones mode, there will be three Drop Zones in total. This will help spread out the loot considerably between players. What this will also ensure is that there are more high-tier weapons in the game spread out among a large number of players. This will call for a lot of action right from the start of the game. You will have to be more careful with the number of high-tier weapons around.


This is everything you need to know about how the Ultra Zones Limited-Time Takeover works in Apex Legends War Games event. While you are here do not forget to check out how to fix the Lobby Chat option in Apex Legends.