Apex Legends Season 7 Starts, New Game Map Revealed

Today the new Apex Legends Season 7 will begin, with the landing of the title also on the Steam platform for all PC players and console players.

The new and full-bodied update that introduces Season 7 in Apex Legends will obviously bring many new features and a breath of fresh air to the game, first of all, is the arrival of a new map called Olympus, or a floating city that you can see directly from the trailer at the bottom of this article.

This new map, however, will be limited for two weeks, making it the only one that can be enjoyed. Then a rotation will be made between this and World’s Edge. With the arrival of the new area, drivable vehicles will also be introduced, the Tridents: in case of team damage received while inside the cockpit, health will be taken away equally from every player present on it.

In addition to these innovations, a new Legend will also be introduced, a scientist of Scottish origin who bears the name of Horizon. He will have a passive ability that gives greater control of movements during the fall, also reducing the impact caused by very high heights. The tactical power instead, called Gravity Lift, is able to lift the players in the air, while the Supreme power will allow you to create a black hole that will suck the opponent.

The other Legends in the title have been re-adjusted: the damage of the Caustic gas trap, for example, has been increased, but it will no longer blur your vision when you fight it. Mirage lures, on the other hand, will have their own health although they will not function as “shields”. Pathfinder’s hitbox has finally been tweaked, making it actually slightly easier to hit the character.

For all other changes to the game, you can consult the official page with the patch notes.