Apex Legends Season 2 Guide – Beginners Tips & Strategy

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Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Charge brings a ton of fresh updates and challenges for the players. The free battle royale game introduces a new legend Wattson in the game with many improvements in the battle pass. So if you are one of those who are struggling to win Season 2 then this Apex Legends guide is for you. The guide features complete Apex Legends beginners tips and tricks, match strategy and lot of important details that will help you to win Season 2 or any other upcoming seasons. If you are new to the game or an advanced player this Apex Legends tips and tricks guide has something for everyone.

With new legend and a new weapon, Apex Legend Season 2 has started on July 2, 2019 and it has many challenges. Improved Battle pass promises more challenges and legends coming up with new content types like Music packs, Emotes, and Loading Screens. And how can we ignore the Apex Legends Season 2 rewards? This season carries around 100 amazing rewards you cannot miss while playing so if you want to add them in your inventory then you are on the right page. Before you start with tips refer the list of new things added in the new Battle Pass.

Apex Legends Battle Pass 2.0 New Features:

  • Regular one Cost 950 Apex Coins.
  • Battle Pass Bundle Cost 2800 Apex Coins and unlocks first 25 tiers of Battle Pass with cosmetic rewards.
  • Daily and Weekly Challenges to Level Up
  • Time to Battle Pass Level 100 is reduced
  • 3 Legendary Skins
  • 3 New Content Categories that adds new Badges and Stat Tracker rewards
  • The rewards offer enough crafting items to craft Legendary Items
  • Elite Queue – New Rank where top 5 in the match will an exclusive lobby.
  • New Legend – Wattson
  • New Weapon – L-Star EMG
  • Disruptor Rounds that increases damage vs shield for Alternator and RE-45
  • Hammerpoint Rounds that increases damage vs health for P2020 and Mozambique.
  • Energy Mag that increases mag size and reduces the load time of all Energy weapons.

Apex Legends Season 2 Beginners Tips

Before I shoot all the tips I want to give a short overview about Apex Legends game plot, it is for beginners and if you had played enough you can skip this part and move forward to the next para. Similar to other battle royale game like PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends features the same game mechanism of Last-Man-Standing. It is an online multiplayer shooter game, where 60 players land into an island and the last one left alive wins the match. They are divided into three teams of twenty players each, to find who is left check the indicator on the top right of the screen. There are loot’s that helps players to get weapons, consumables and other items to survive. You can either enter alone or in a pair of two if you want to play as a team. You can gather your friends and play a team of three or four. Below is the list of new things in Apex Legends Season 2.

For those who are completely new enter the Apex Legends Training Mode to learn how the game works. Learn the weapons and movements first and then participate in an online match. The training mode will teach you using Weapons, Attachments, How to aim properly, Bullet Drop, and Sniper Training. You will also learn Bunny Hop a useful movement and using Spray pattern.

  1. 60 Players Land on the island in a team of three.
  2. Every match has 8 rounds, during which the ring shrinks pushing players into a tight space. It is not necessary every match last 8 rounds, it depends on the players. Ample of time the matches end on or before 4th Round.
  3. Always try to get a Headshot, it causes the max damage to compare to shooting the body part. The game also has leg-shot that cause similar damage.
  4. The player outside the ring will face Health Damage every tick or in an interval of 1.5 seconds. Shields don’t work here.
  5. You will have a Health of 100, you can increase it with +25 by Shields and get a max of +100 more. So overall you have a 200 Health.
  6. Gears are important in Apex Legends, they offer you Shields, Helmets, Knockdown Shields and Backpacks. They appear in rarities like Blue, Purple, Gold, etc. Golds are the best one, like Gold shield that allows you to self-revive. Each gear has its unique stats, and to learn more refer to this guide – Apex Legends Gear Guides.
  7. There are different consumables in Apex Legends that can restore your Health and Shield.
  8. There is no fall damage in Apex Legends, but you can stun for a while if you jump from a high, so ensure you jump into a safe place. You can read our guide Apex Legends Consumables to learn more about them, like the duration, health restoration stats, etc.
  9. Every new round has a waiting period the first round has 3 minutes and 2 minutes closing period. Health damage outside the ring also increases with every round and ring diameter keeps on reducing. If you are able to survive till last round approx time spent in Apex Legends is around 30 minutes.
  10. Use the Ping System to communicate with the team, you can ping locations, objects, and enemies.
  11. Learn character stats, every character has three unique abilities, Passive, Tactical and Ultimate. Passive remains always active, Tactical has a short cooldown period and Ultimate is the most powerful that requires charging over time.
  12. It is best to start with a team, a squad will turn out your compass to give you information on enemies, last death position, loots and more.
  13. Loot is random, there are different locations offering you separate tiers of loot. You can see them on the top left of the screen whenever you enter a new area. You have to explore a lot.
  14. Kings Canyon the map in Apex Legend is covered in Ziplines, it will help you to cover large distances in a short time. To fast travel, you can also use hot air balloons you have to reach it and deploy rocket boots to cover distances.
  15. Fast movement is an important aspect of Apex Legends, it is not a game where you can scout and wait for enemies to come in. Try to ace mobility like sprinting, jumping and crouching. You can also slide and climb walls, so it is advisable to keep moving so that you can avoid getting yourself surrounded by a crowd. Holster your weapon while jumping or running to get more speed.
  16. Apex Legends has 20 guns and different attachments, we have a dedicated guide on weapons. to give you detail info on the list of weapons and their stats. Also, you can carry only Two weapons at a single time. Refer to this guide for more details – Apex Legends Weapons Guide.
  17. Make sure everyone in your team has a Backpack, it increases the number of items you can carry.
    In a group of four, one of you will be assigned as a Jumpmaster. If you are assigned the role you can control where all three will land, you can pass this role to anyone from the other three members before you drop.
  18. After completing the match you will earn some XP based on how you perform. You can get more XP by killing enemies, helping the squad and getting high on the leader board. Earn enough to level up and unlock Apex Pack.

One of the most important tips that everyone must know is about reviving after losing all your health. Because this will be happening a lot in Apex Legends. If you are on zero health but you have alive teammates around, anyone standing you will be knocked. This means you can crawl around but you cannot attack anyone. You can crawl, ping and open or close doors. So you have to find a teammate to revive yourself before you bleed out completely. Anyone teammate who is playing as Lifeline can revive by interacting with the down teammate, just press E to interact. You can also respawn a member on one of the Respawn Beacon on maps. To know more about reviving your teammates, read our tips and tricks on How to Revive fast in Apex Legends.

Hope the guide has enough info for beginners and advanced player to get more from Apex Legends. The game is amazing and brings a ton of challenges in the new season you cannot miss. Thanks for reading and you can go through our Apex Legends Wiki to get fresh new updates on the game.