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The Map For Apex Legends Was Released Over A Year Ago

Leaks are inevitable to almost every game but not everything leaked makes it to the game, there is always a doubt which begs the question whether is the information is real or not as you cannot always bank on these things. But once in a while, you will come across something which almost seems prophetic foresight. This was the case when a Redditor had leaked the map for APex Legends.

User hiticonic posted the leak under the title “Alleged Minimap for Rumored Titanfall Battle Royal Game” but it was quickly rebuffed by users online. Fast Forward to about 11 months and a new game titled Apex Legends set in the universe of launched by Respawn Games.

The map shown in the post is identical to the one in Apex Legends and it is just oriented differently, moreover, the names are identical too.


Though the Reddit user does not seem to be working for Respawn, we are hoping he might have more than just this to reveal to us and maybe more info will pop up about Apex Legends in the form of leaks in the future.

The leak received not much attention but it shows that there might be so much more out there just waiting to be discovered, it was recently discovered by another Reddit user who got the attention of the community and the original poster came back to the post to request people from stop giving him Reddit Gold.

Well, no matter we will have to take every supposed leak with a pinch of salt and test it out for ourselves.

Apex Legends is available for PC Xbox One and PS4

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