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How to Get The Rampart Custom Finish Skin in Apex Legends (Free)

Revamp Rampart's look by collecting the Rampart Custom Finish Skin free of cost.

Respawn Entertainment and EA surely know how to engage their gamers. It has been only a few days since the release of the sixth season and with it Rampart, the latest addition to the team. The developers already have a new skin for Rampart that is to be released on 21st August 2020. Its the Rampart Custom Finish Skin which would be up for grab in the store. Here’s how you can get the Rampart Custom Finish Skin in Apex Legends for free (or maybe not exactly free).

How To Unlock The Rampart Custom Finish Skin In Apex Legends


The Rampart’s Custom Finish Skin will be available in Prime Gaming for absolutely free for Amazon Prime members. All that a player has to do is log into their Prime Gaming account and head to the loot page. The new skin will be available for loot their without any additional cost. The Custom Finish Skin will turn around the overall look of Rampart. Her hair will turn slightly blonde and her suit will turn purple and yellow.

The Skin will be exclusively only for Amazon Prime members. Yes, you heard it right, only the players with Prime subscription be able to leverage the bond between Respawn Entertainment, EA, and Amazon.

Well, don’t be sad if you don’t have the Prime account as there are a few options still available. One option is to start a one-month free trial that Amazon offers to its first time Prime users. This would do the work for you, but don’t forget to unsubscribe before the end of the trial. If you are like me and have already used free-trial long before, there is one last hope left. Request someone who has a Prime account but is not going to use it to get the Custom Finish Skin.


If you are fond of the latest character added to the roster, make sure to get Rampart Custom Finish Skin in Apex Legends. You can also collect some other cool stuff like Ash Bobblehead Legendary Charm and Body Armors to enhance the look of your character.