Apex Legends: How to Get Free Apex Coins Guide

Farm free Apex Coins

Want some Free Apex Coins in Apex Legends? There is no doubt, everyone wants to unlock the premium skins as soon as possible. This Apex Legends Guide will help you earn 1000 Apex Coins in total and unlock many premium skins early in the game.

How to Get Free Apex Coins in Apex Legends

To get Apex Coins for free in the game all you need to do is purchase the Battle Pass. If you already have 950 Apex Coins then you can early purchase it or else you need to buy it for roughly £8. After unlocking the Battle Pass, start the game and rank up within the Battle Pass. This will unlock and help you earn free Apex Coins and then buy skins and other items. According to your rank, you will start earning 50 to 100 free Apex Coins.

  • Rank 7
  • Rank 11
  • Rank 17
  • Rank 21
  • Rank 31
  • Rank 37
  • Rank 41
  • Rank 47
  • Rank 57
  • Rank 63
  • Rank 67
  • Rank 77
  • Rank 87
  • Rank 97

Once you reach the max level 100 it would net you 1000 Apex Coins. Let us know which rank are you holding and how many free apex coins did you earn so far? Do check our other Apex Legends Guide, Tips, Tricks and Cheats.

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