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Apex Legends Bloodhound Guide – Season 5 Tips To Become A Hunter

I am the hunter the Gods have sent

Want to play aggressive and unable to decide which is the best legend in Apex Legends Season 5? Well, here is a guide on finding out a legend that can give you fast movement, abilities to track down enemies, and power to hunt down the entire team. Being aggressive means taking the lead, here you are the one who breaks the fight. Chase down other players and grab the first kills. But a lot of factors relies on taking an aggressive approach in Apex Legends. You cannot just jump in and start killing, if you can plan this out, choose the best legend and knows when and how to trigger abilities then you will be unstoppable.

In this guide, I will share some important tips on how to be aggressive in Apex Legends Season 5. Which is the best legend for this work and which are the best legends in the team?

Tips to play aggressive in Apex Legends Season 5

To be aggressive you need someone with hunting capabilities, and there is on the only character in Apex Legend who fits the role. It is Bloodhound, his fast movement, ability to track down enemies and a shoot speed boost is enough to turn the match upside down. But you will have to learn and practice. It is not like Bloodhound has the best possible power to always win. Other Legends like Mirage is buffed in Season 5.

Playing aggressive is all about moving very fast, using the abilities at the right time, and getting max support from the team. So here are some tips for Bloodhound, a hunter, technological tracker, and one of the greatest hunters in Apex Legends.

  1. Always be the first to track down enemies, use the Eye of All-Father ability to reveal hidden enemies, traps and clues.
  2. When you found enemies in a region charge and ensure you follow them from behind.
  3. Use the Tracker ability to find footprints, use a defensive approach to track down enemies. This ability along with Eye of the All-father is just unbeatable.
  4. If you landed in a group of enemies and want to take them all down or cause max damage to activate Beast of the Hunt. This will give you a short term movement boost, and highlight all the prey. Do not bump directly on the face, be fast, use covers to run and hunt down the legends one by one.
  5. This ability with Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher gives you 100% power over enemies. Because you can see them through the smoke with the help of Eye of All-Father ability. Otherwise will be busy running away from smoke and this is the time you hunt them down.
  6. Bloodhound is all about movement, using the ability at the right time in the battle zone plays a big role. Do not waste it, there is a cool-down period that can put you on the risk.

Bloodhound can be unstoppable if the team co-ordinates well. Like Bangalore or other Legends who can back him up when needed. The objective is to create chaos and let Bloodhound take the charge. He is not a Legend for camping.