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Age Of Empires 2 Civilizations Tier List 2023 – AoE 2 Civs Ranked

Check out this Tier List of the best Civilizations in AoE2.

Having a Tier list of the best Civilizations (Civs) in AoE 2 can help you out a lot, so here is our list on it. This game lets you choose between 37 different civilizations. But not all of them are created the same. Based on the different maps you can find, some civilizations just blow others out of the Water. That pun might not have been the best, but this Tier List sure should be. So here are all the Civilizations ranked for Age of Empires 2.

Age Of Empires 2 Tier List – Best Civ in AoE 2

aoe 2 civ tier list all civilizations ranked

Civilization Tier
Berbers S Tier
Hindustanis S Tier
Mayans S Tier
Vikings S Tier
Mongols S Tier
Persians S Tier
Lithuanians S Tier
Japanese S Tier
Aztecs A Tier
Portuguese A Tier
Chinese A Tier
Britons A Tier
Huns A Tier
Poles A Tier
Franks A Tier
Spanish A Tier
Byzantines B Tier
Bulgarians B Tier
Turks B Tier
Saracens B Tier
Gurjaras B Tier
Bengalis B Tier
Italians B Tier
Khmer B Tier
Malians B Tier
Incas B Tier
Koreans B Tier
Bohemians B Tier
Malay B Tier
Burgundians B Tier
Ethiopians B Tier
Dravidians B Tier
Goths B Tier
Magyars B Tier
Vietnamese B Tier
Burmese C Tier
Celts C Tier
Slavs C Tier
Tatars C Tier
Sicilians C Tier
Cumans C Tier
Teutons C Tier

The above list is based on the overall use of each civilization irrespective of whether they are on land, water, or nomad maps. So the S-tier civilizations aren’t decided only if they are useful in all 3 map types. Rather these are decided based on the mean of all 3 maps. There is a chance a Civilization is bad in Water but if it is good in both Land and Nomad maps, that will increase its rank. This was just one case, similar is also true for other maps.

That sums up this tier list of the best Civilizations in Age of Empire (AoE) 2. If you liked this list or found it useful I suggest you also check out our Tier Lists section. And for more things on Age of Empire or your other favorite games check out Gamer Tweak.